The Feminine way to Wealth, Love, and Success


So. Many. Things. To. Do.

Phone keeps ringing.

Emails keep ding, Ding, DINGING all up in your screen-schnizzle.

Text messages slide up on your screen all day, going off, with al kind of requests, questions, calls to check in from family (you really should call her back now shouldn't you), and commitment reminders from the calendar.

Lovely Darrell pops his head in to “just ask your quick question”, followed by your direct boss, and another eleventy-thousand co-workers, and obligingly, you pay attention, listen, and do your best to help.

There is more important business to get down to, you know that.

But it’s under a never-ending pile of goop - urgency and attention grabbing things.

OK, it’s not always, but you’re so conditioned to put out fires these days it seems near impossible to sit down calmly and complete something super important - and in all seriousness, by the time you actually do get to that point, if ever, you’re so darn exhausted you wanna just… take a break from everything!

You can officially rest.

This weeks video is bringing you a sexy tip to have you going for, and most importantly getting what you truly want, without subscribing to the notion you have to be a hard-nosed, ball-breaking beyatch.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: This is one of the most common fears I hear from my personal clients. In fact, it’s THE Most common from those in leadership positions.

Which tells me, that it’s not a case of there being something wrong with you, it’s a social condition we can change by making a new choice.

I promise you, the effects of applying this VERY simple strategy will astound you.

Can’t Listen or Watch? Here’s the Transcript:

Hi welcome back!

I want to talk to you today about the feminine way to get what it is that you want. And this is appropriate for men and women, because I know a lot of men who have burnt out before and they're experiencing a low level of anxiety that they lived with for a very long time because they feel the pressure to take care of the people around them. And we're getting to a stage where pushing doesn't necessarily work anymore. The feminine way to get what you want and let's call it the flow way to get what you want. Because it's everyone's got masculine and feminine energies in them and it helps to understand that this is about getting into flirt and not necessarily about being a woman or being a man. But the way to get what you want without burning out, without creating drama, without becoming someone who is so fixated on a result that we become boring and not ourselves anymore and attached to a result.

The way to get what you want and stay in flow is simply to focus upon the result of having it. Now I don't mean be fixated on it. I don't mean be obsessed with it. I don't mean place your self-worth on the idea of having it and nothing else. Because I've seen so many people do this and fail and then become completely depressed or want to quit or give up when they haven't got the result they want. What I'm talking about is focus on being in the energy of having it while you create it. It's about your state of being it's about who you're showing up as and how you show up not necessarily just what you do. Your energy and energy that you bring to the floor when you're doing anything that you want. Anything that you choose is what matters more than anything at all, and here's why, sometimes if our energy is saying I can't do it I don't believe in myself.

I don't think that it's possible. Really? Even though we're taking all the actions and we're busy and we're trying really hard and working really hard. In essence you've already given up if your vibe is saying I can't really do it. If there's something inside of you that can't picture yourself or can’t feel the experience of having it already and be attached to that feeling you've already checked out. And so no matter what you do no matter how hard you work it's going to mean that if you get there you're going to burn out you're going to feel exhausted. And if you don't get there you're going to feel like crap and you probably won't get there because you've already checked out you've already kind of decided that you're not going to get there and it's not possible. So here's how to do it. Think about the thing that you are working towards at the moment. And I know for you that it's probably something that you've never experienced before and probably something that most people that you know don't want to experience or haven't imagined. So it could be something that's a little bit sort of foggy something that's way outside of your comfort zone and it's something that you don't necessarily know a lot of people who have done before.

That's Okay! I want you to think about it and I want you to bring it into your consciousness. And Imagine having it and think about it and allow yourself to feel how it's going to feel when you're doing it when you're in the activity of it when it's happened. Perhaps you can think about how you're going to reward yourself. Perhaps you can think about how you would take care of yourself. Perhaps you can think about the decisions and the type of person and how you would feel about yourself. Bring that energy up from a zero all the way to a 10. And when you're in that activity focusing solely on the life that you want to live. Really! this is not just about getting a result. But it's what that result does for you when you're focusing on the life that you want to live.

You bring up your energy and you raise your vibe to a place where you have it and when you do that you attract in circumstances opportunities people conversations experiences that align with the energy that you are putting out. It's simple law of attraction. And when you do that doing it doing the activity doing the things that are scary doing the things you avoid all of it it becomes easy and it just flows. So the way to get what you want without burning out without becoming really masculine and hot. And by keeping a lifestyle that you choose and by enjoying the process along the way is to focus on being in the energy of having it and just be really gentle with that. Be really soft with it really feel it and ask yourself what is hot energy if I already had it. No I probably wouldn't. I'd be really chilled actually.

And if you're not feeling chilled go further. What I do after I have it what would I do? then what would I do? What would I do? And keep asking yourself until you feel chilled because going for what you want doesn't have to feel constrictive or restrictive or hard or pushy.

It can feel really good can feel our pain and it can feel flowing. So when you're in the energy of knowing that it's coming for you and having it already you start to expand your vibe raises you start bringing in the opportunities to do it. And my only advice then would be when they come. Just say yes no matter how scary they are and you're going to stay in flow and you're going to stay in that feminine beautiful flowing energy trusting in what's happening for you and it's going to be amazing. So enjoy. I hope that today you can think about even what you want to achieve today. Think about being in the energy of having it done and what that will feel like. Think about what that means for the next chapter of what you're working on perhaps this entire year and then be in that energy as well you know help you with making decisions that will help you with the way that you're showing up and to even help you.

Just break, while you're taking big action.

So I have a dare for you. Leave me a comment. Tell me how it's going to feel when you have what you want engagement is what we're looking for here. Write me a comment and let me know and writing a comment is leaving yourself very visible but that's OK.

Let me know. All right back to you. I'm really excited to hear from you. And just be in the activity of declaring what it is that you want and the energy of how it's going to feel. Tell me what that is. And if you like this video like it, please share it with someone who could really use this message today. Thank you so much for watching. I really hope this has helped you. I'll see you next week. Bye for now.

As always, Stay Curious, Stay Open. You are the Omega.

Love, Hayley x x

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