My thoughts on starting before you're ready (and why you shouldn't!)

This is counter-intuitive, but I'm not talking to an average person. I'm talking to you. 

There is so much merit in the notion of beginning before you are ready. 

The merit side of it is in seeing where you can take action, and taking it, and through the process of taking tiny actions that are within your power, you will become ready. 

By the time you get to where you're standing at the diving block, you're already in position, with the right moves and the right swim-wear (so to speak!) 

I'm all for that. 

I'm also all for trusting in your timing though. 

Hayley Carr International

I don't believe we're ever not in flow. Because we are awake, alive human beings. 

And for a high performer, someone who is educated in their field, who has runs on the board, who understands their level of risk adversity, who already plays a big game in some way, who is self-aware, and who is deeply connected to their intuition, timing is everything. 

Sometimes it makes no logical sense, and the pressure is on, but the answer is still a heart-centred, full-body, not yet. 

It's in these times we can hear the words "start before you're ready" and feel like we're inherently wrong, we should harden at the shoulders, grit our teeth, and push through the resistance. Force it through. 

But sometimes it's not resistance. It's just knowing. Or not-knowing, but knowing, y'know? I know you know. It's when you know, but you don't know HOW you know. Or WHAT you know. You just feel it's not a yes right now. 

Trust in the recalibration. 

The recalibration which causes you to not know, but to know. 

So what’s the difference between when you know it's a no, and when you need to start before you're ready? 

You'll know. 

Ha! I'm serious though. When it's a yes, even if it's scary, you'll feel a pull towards it. You'll feel the pull to just take a tiny action or take a big leap. 

And when, you know... you'll just know! 

You're a smart cookie. You gotta trust that you're always where you're meant to be, and when you know, you'll know. 

If you don't know, then, y'know... it's probably a not yet, too. 

Y'know? 😉


Hayley xx

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