Roundabout, or Foggy...One is actually AMAZING. Which one are you?

There are a few differences between "first-place" and "second place," or "anything other than first" mindset.

Tiny, but it's huge.

Are you the type of person to pick a "roundabout" goal when you choose what you want, or are you clear, and unapologetic about your desire - even - ESPECIALLY... when it makes no sense?

When I say roundabout, I don't mean foggy. There's a difference between foggy, and roundabout.

Are your goal ‘roundabout’ or ‘foggy’? Hayley Carr International

Foggy is when you're making a goal up from the recesses of your soul. It's made up from your dreams, your unseen fantasies, a mish-mash of everything you know inside. The puzzle pieces are all there, but they have slowly taken shape over time, and some pieces don't make sense yet because there's stuff to learn - the goal is so big it will force you to become someone new to attain it.

'Roundabout' is when you look at what you believe or perceive is available, and you don't even pick the best... you pick what you think you can do or have based on ...what... I don't know. It's like saying, "everyone has a chance to have the top tier... but I'll settle for somewhere around the middle, or the second-rate version... don't wanna be too selfish you know!"

Don't be "roundabout," unless you wanna keep complaining and bitching and moaning about how hard things are, and maybe even about people who appear to have charmed lives.

Be unapologetic, even if not specific.

Be brave enough to know what you DON'T want, over and above explicitly knowing what you DO want. Move away for what you don't want, and you will be closer to what you do want. It comes forth to the brave who are willing to risk the perception of security.

First place mindset people are still afraid to fail, look stupid, be wrong, and lose everything... but they'll risk it anyway. Because they have a different relationship with fear.

First place mindset people - winners - have foggy dreams that become more comprehensive, compelling and impossibly beautiful as time goes on. They are still afraid of what people will think, they still beat themselves up (maybe even more than second place people) and winners still suck, and fail a lot... but they don't give up at the first sign of defeat.

They let it lead them. Winners let it give them what they need for the next layer.

They aren't concerned about the external measurables as much as their own indicator of what's REALLY important to them - the internal measurables - only known and felt by the beholder...

And, the hilarious, almost cruel kicker is, most people are TAUGHT we have to focus on the specific EXTERNAL measurables to win that external validation or that external trophy, body, or perfect relationship. When you ignore the internal markers, which by the way, are as unique as your very own DNA, you are taken further and further away from what you're out to create.

BUT having the vision is really just half of it.

A person with a first-place mindset understands the rules are made up.

Time is made up, space is made up, the "reality" is a construct of the imagination.

Nobody tells you what you believe, or should do, you get to tell yourself.

So from now on, look WAY beyond your new years' resolutions, your number goals, your "dream partner" list, that visual of the trophy in your hands, or the money in the bank.

What's it gonna get ya?

Answer yourself this question, and you're getting closer to the mark.

The external is a symptom of the internal.

If you want to continue to rise, you need to think bigger than one goal.

Think LIFE. Think LEGACY. Think LONG.

There. There's the heart of your choice.

Remember - the life you crave is so much closer than you think.

Stay curious, Stay Open...


Hayley xx

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Programmed to WIN with Hayley Carr International - Click on image for more information

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