Intuition vs Fear, Signs, and Connecting with the Other Side - An Interview with Calise Simone


Friends, I simply cannot express how excited I am to be sharing this interview with you today. Calise is not only one of my dearest friends, (whom I miss very much because she lives in New York!) but she is one of the most fascinating. Calise is an intuitive psychic medium. Yes - - - she sees dead people, and gives us messages.

I have seen Calise in action not only in person in my own life (and by the way, when we get together and she reads for me it’s one of the most divine experiences ever), but I’ve seen her in action in large groups. Of people she’s never seen, heard of, or met before,

The messages she delivers are helpful, funny, soul-stirringly accurate, and for many, life-changing.

It’s a great honour to have her speaking with us today about some of the big questions we start asking when we want to have a deeper experience of life.

We talked about:

// How she learned she was psychic. (Calise has a background in Finance!) // The difference between intuition & fear // How can we develop our intuition and psychic abilities // What’s the benefit of having an intuitive on your side? // Does bad energy to come through when doing this kind of work? ( I know a lot of people fear 
getting into “that spiritual stuff” for that reason. // What is a sign and how to spot them

… and of course, much more.

Friends, grab your notebook and pen - I’ve already re-watched the interview twice and taken notes.

Video Show Notes:

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Can’t Listen? Here’s the Transcript:

Hayley: Hi everyone and welcome back to Hayley Carr TV, today I’ve got a really really exciting guest to share with you is my great friend, longtime friend Calise Simone. Born and raised in Australia. Her place is in New York by psychic medium a certified spiritual advisor with Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development and a Certified Intuitive Consultant with a Holistic Studies Institute of New York. Calise comes from a lineage of mediums and in duties dating back many generations. She's been featured on Fuse TV and calling out radio for psychic work and described as a very gifted medium by celebrity clairvoyant Lisa Williams. During the reading Calise communicate information directly from Spirit and interprets impressions she receives on topics including love, relationships, family, career, life path, and self-fulfillment and currently Calise reads her clients all over the world from New York City including Australia, New Zealand, England, Switzerland, the Virgin Islands, Japan, South Africa, Ireland, United States and so cool Calise.

Welcome to Hayley Carr TV, Thank you so much for talking time to talk to me today. I'm so excited. So let's start with you know your story. How did you learn that you’re a psychic?

Calise: Okay, Well I thought I was going crazy when I first realized that there was something going on. But basically what happened was I think I dont think everyone knows this but a lot of people notice I actually have a background in finance and accounting and so I was working for a hedge fund in New York and before that I'd worked at broking firms and accounting firms and things like that. And I started to get the feeling that I was too stressed and as everyone told you back in the day when you’re too stressed you need to meditate sounds like fun fun meditate. And so, I learned how to meditate, I went to classes I went to Griots I sat in circles and I was like you know what this is actually kind of fun. I feel like I'm you know feel better about myself I can concentrate more really like this. And then the dreams started happening and I started having dreams that came true. And this wasn't the first time that I'd had this. I'd had an on and off throughout my teenage years quite a bit. But it was the first time I'd paid attention to it and the other experience which really got to me was the physical mediumship. So things started to move around my apartment and doors were opening and closing tabs. So turning on a light are turning on and off and I thought you know this is this is a bit much. Obviously it shouldn't get my attention. I need to figure out what's going on. So I went and did some intuitive development classes and throughout the exercises they basically teach you to harness your own intuition and they don't make you psychic and they don't teach you how to be psychic. What they do is if you are psychic they help you understand the gift that you have or the ability that you have and how to use it. And so from there doing those exercises in circle I began to realize "oh my goodness it's not that I have a bit of an ability". I'm actually really helping people and it's going beyond what I expected was even possible and I was able to give information to people about situations in their lives which I knew nothing about very detailed information that was really helpful to them and I thought that was so cool. But at no point did I plan on doing it as a career or anything like that I just thought it was a cool thing that I could do and you know and I began to realize like looking back, I've been seeing dead people since I was a child. Not as in like looking at dead bodies but seeing faces, hands coming out of the wall. Feeling people around me at night things like that. And you know I used to complain to my mom like there's someone standing over my bed and she said no there's no such thing as long as it's not real you know and you think as a kid like oh it's just my imagination you know. So you dismiss it. And I'd also been seeing Auras since I was pretty young as well and again I dismissed that and thought I just had really bad eyesight and I needed glasses and that's why everything looked so fuzzy. So you justify things in the way you know how and I do think a lot of people have this ability and just don't really tap into it. But basically from that point where I realized I had this ability, my friends started asking me for readings and then their friends wanted readings and then their families wanted readings and then I said well I guess this is something that I'm being called to do and then I was asked to be on TV and then radio things came up and I just kind of went with it and here I am bit of a change huh!

Hayley: Yeah! its amazing and I can definitely say that you've helped me a lot in my life with your abilities as well. Side question, Where you scared when you first discover this? Was it scary to you?

Calise: Before I discovered it, I know OK. So that's it you know that's actually an interesting question because before I knew what was going on I was pretty cynical of the industry and I was pretty cynical of this work and not even skeptical but like cynical like you know. And I even remember saying to a friend of mine about a year before this started you know do you believe in life after death... and he was like no, not really believed in message you know what me neither. I believe when you die you die and that's it. And even as I was saying it was like something didn't feel right about it but that's when I convinced myself you know at that moment and I'd had situations that had made me aware that everything happens for a reason that had proven to me that there's synchronicities inside and all that and I just kept dismissing them because I couldn't put two and two together as to how it worked until I had the experience myself. And yet at the time when I really opened up to it and things were moving around and I was having these dreams and seeing these people more than ever before. It took me straight back to my childhood and I was really overwhelmed. And that's really why I started learning to develop it so I could switch it off and be more present. So I tried to get away from it.

Hayley: Yeah yeah. And it just caught back up didn't it.

Calise: Yeah.

Hayley: I guess one of the biggest question people ask me and I think you are probably the perfect person to answer this question it quickly and over time is what is the difference between intuition and the

Calise: or intuition and your own imagination?

Hayley: Yeah!

Calise: because it doesn't always have to be something scary you could think you're right about something just based on an inner-knowing and then realize you've made it all up. You and I have had a lot of fun with this actually. I know that even in situations where Hayley and I both dismissed our intuitions fabulously spectacularly lets say and we both just said like oh you know we'll just make it up it's not real and then things have happened that we both felt we're coming and it's you know like it even catches me up I'm going to say like I'm psychic medium I'm satisfied with that but there are moments where in my own life I get caught out thinking that I was making it up or you know the other way around. But that's because reading for yourself is really hard. You have your own emotions that get in the way and you have ulterior motives and opinions and things that I don't have when I read other people because I don't know anything about them and I'm also one step removed. So it's really easy for me to interpret impressions to someone else but to do it for myself can be really challenging. So the main things tonight with intuition and fear and other emotions is that your intuition when suddenly comes to psychically or intuitively you can't dismiss it. It's going to keep going keep going and keep going and you'll probably feel the same feeling more than just over a couple of hours you might even feel it over a couple of days. Like something's not right and this person and you can even ask yourself. You know if you're in a situation that doesn't feel right you can ask yourself Am I safe? And generally if you can step back and ask yourself, Am I safe and you can break the feeling? Then it's probably fear because with intuition you can't break the feeling. Not in the sense that like it's overwhelming and emotional and you're getting worked up because with intuition you're not getting worked up. It's a subtle energy and it's ongoing and it's there. And so if you can break the feeling and say Am I safe? And in that moment you stopped it. And you can breathe and you can answer that question and you probably are safe. But if it's something that really is life threatening. Just. Get out of there. Because you don't want to take that chance you know. You know like yours

Hayley: I know

Calise: Because Hayley and I were in a situation where we both told ourselves we were safe and it kept coming up and it kept coming up because this feeling like things are not ok. Things are not OK and they went OK. And the other thing I wrote a little though about this because I wanted to make sure I covered everything.

But it's very subtle energy. It's going to feel like a memory when you think about something that happened a long time ago. You know unless it's like a huge dream, but just that is gentle and it's just gentle. It's there. It's a reminder, it's constant. And it this feeling of. I should go and do something. And this manifests in two ways so I'm going to tell you a little bit of the story here. The first way this can happen is that. You're buddy takes over and this happens to me a lot these days because I guess I'm more in touch with the most people and for example I was sitting on the subway a couple months ago now. This happens a lot but specifically a couple of months so it's the first time I noticed it happening and I heard the voice inside my head that said you need to move, you need to move, you need to move, you need to move, and I stood up. I didn't know why and I just started to stand up and as I did the person next to me and Sneezed all over where I was sitting and Im like, ohh what is this happening ?  Because in New York there's a lot of germs going around specially like in the winter its how it come through season. And so I didn't know why I was moving out the way but that's I was moving out the way and things like that like if if it's time to go like if there's going to be a delay in getting to where I need to go, and I have like say it can take me an hour to get there but I. Know it can take 30 minutes to get there but I have a full hour. I start to get worried and I'm like why am I getting more and why am I getting worried. I have no reason to worry. And then I think oh there's probably going to be a delay. So. And then when I usually find out is that there is a delay. And that's why I get the feeling I need to leave now to get there on time. Even though, logically I know I have time because I started to foresee some kind of challenge along the way. So, usually I just kind of go with that. And the more present you are and the more in touch with your intuition you are, the less few will happen at all. Because you're always know to trust what you're getting.

Hayley: So it feels like a memory

Calise: Yeah.

Hayley: its that kind of homely that feeling and it justs stays with you and you can't ignore it and you can be feeling go away so you cant change the feeling by saying like what I say and sometimes your body takes over. That's awesome

Calise: Yes, sorry that's quite a long answer. But at the very there's a lot of facets to it. I can give you one more example as well. I was walking through Grand Central Station which is kind of like if you'd been to London it's like Piccadilly or if you're in Australia it's like a QVB like it's in Sydney you know it's a big station as a lot of people and New York's obviously had a lot of attention in the media for terrorist attacks and things like that, and so whenever I'm in a crowd situation or at least a couple of years ago I get this feeling like you know it's probably not the safest place but I haven't had it in so long. I hadn't had it in a long long time. This is March last year. Sorry March 2016, and I'm walking through and it's an episode and I'm going to get that fixed and we'll keep it and I get the feeling that I have it hand so long the feeling of it's probably not the safe place to be. You probably might want to consider not being here and I just got that way. And it wasn't Ohh my God I have to get out of here it was just that way and you know something's not quite right, and then I sat down to wait because there's a lot of waiting at the Apple store. And I checked my Phone and there was a text from my dad saying that the Brussels attacks just happened and that a lot of major cities were on watch and that I should just go home and he said I don't know where you are you should probably go home because of the major cities on high alert. And I was like, there it is. OK. And you know and I reply I said yeah, Thanks noted all. Well staying home and so I did. But it was that thing of. I didn't at any point feel scared. But I just kind of felt like you know what something's not right. And that's how it starts. And when you dismiss something's not right then it becomes you need to make a move. OK now you need to do some and then your body stops. Just go.

Hayley: Right, and so,

Calise: You have to build up see you don't really get to build up.

Hayley: Sorry.

Calise: We see you don't tend to get that built up...

Hayley: thinking you know if it's because now I'm thinking this this certain intuitive times when like say your body is trying to tell you something in terms of a message like pay attention to me because otherwise you're going to get sick

Calise: Yeah!

Hayley: and I mean you can tell me if this is wrong but it's like that said same thing it's like if you ignore the little niggles they get bigger and bigger and bigger until your body goes Hey! I'm just gonna shut down for a bit until you pay attention to me. Is that right?

Calise: Absolutely. And the toughest part is that they say we're trying to push through?

Hayley: Yeah!

Calise: You know like oh push through, you know no pain no gain.

Hayley: How do you think like a modern day girl or guy who's watching this. He works in the big city. He's got a corporate career and yet he's going to pay attention to these niggles. What's something you can do to tune in mindset arounds to to make things more important for themselves? Like, what do you do to remind yourself like OK this is actually really important and how do you justify that in the world where we're conditioned to push through?

Calise: Well, see it depends on the situation like I've got my life set up in such a way where I'm completely in control of my schedule and I did that on purpose because for many years it wasn't that way. And that got me into a lot of trouble like healthwise physically, emotionally all those things. And so I know for me it's really important to listen to those signs and I think for people you know if you have a job that doesn't allow you to stay home when you're sick or that doesn't give you the freedom to maybe not engage in a task if you don't think it's good for the business. Then you have to start looking at how that makes you feel. And if it's something that's really important to you, you might want to just reconsider your whole situation. But if it's something where you know like say for example. You're engaging in a project that's going to fund a company that you don't ethically support what they're doing. Because I've been in that situation, where we were researching and engaging in funding a company where I didn't necessarily agree with what the company was doing. And you know I was removed enough that my priority was made in keeping my job and I just kind of went through with it. But then in the back of my mind I knew long term that I needed to make changes. So I think it's a process of just constantly taking stock of your life and where you're at and knowing that if there are little signs that things aren't the way you want them to be or the things dont feel comfortable with you that you need to take note of that and start making changes towards a life where you do feel happy all the time you do feel really good about what you're doing all the time. That can involve meditating and checking to self on a regular basis.

Hayley: I love that answer. Thank you, Its not about going, ohh my gosh I've got a little niggle, I need to change my whole life right now, its about paying attention.

Calise: No. It's not logical.

Hayley: But also, paying attention you know just keep that keep that story. So I'm just staying with the intuition versus be anything being made some really big decision to make? And they like I think this is the thing that I'm supposed to be doing. What if it's fear of moving away from what I don't want. Instead of actually intuition like when someone really wants to move forward with their life I'm not sure if it's an intuitive or they're just people.

Calise: Yeah.

Hayley: You have a supply on that level

Calise: call up your psychic friends. That's what I do. I call my mom I call my friends, I call my psychic friends. Sometimes you don't know, sometimes you need to get perspective from the people around you and sometimes they will tell you what you don't want to hear. And that gives you the answer but sometimes they all say it's a really bad idea it's a really bad idea and you go OK but I really want to do it. So now I know that I need to go and do it. And that's what I can tell you like I can only talk from my own experience and you know just feel your way through it like if something. What I found which is being really really cool is something is a really really bad idea and not in line with your true path. You'll either be prevented from doing it. Or you're going to learn something messy from it. So if it feels like it reminds you of something you've already done that ended badly then look at why that ended badly they did it end badly because she couldn't cope with it or did it end badly because everything you did to try and make it work didn't work. Not obedient answer. So if you find for example you're falling into a relationship with someone that has similar patents to an X.. Ask yourself Is this the same lesson that I'm learning over again? or is this something that I'm going to push through this time and do something differently to make it work. Because I ran away from fear last time and this time I'm going to push through and not let myself succumb to the fear. So it's every situation has to be very self-aware.

Hayley: Yeah!

Calise: But generally, if you feel inspired to do something and you know that you're capable of doing it, give it a go. Have an exit strategy but give it a go because you're not gonna know unless you try to.

Hayley: Yeah. And I guess fear will still be present if you haven't done it before anyway.

Calise: No it's natural. If you're not supposed to do it you wont feel motivated to do it you'll feel a big lump in your chest when you think about it and don't be a lot of situations that will be lucky for moving forward. Now it's really important to understand that your mindset doesn't get tangled up with that because you might be in the mindset that you don't want to do something even though it's really good for you. And that's when you can step back and you can even like do I truly want to keep this in my life? Yes I do want to keep this in my life. OK so why am I pushing to get rid of it? Why am I pushing to move away from the place that I really want to be? You know or do I really want to go there? Yes. Then why am I putting up all these blocks to not go there?

Hayley: It's amazing. Thank you, so good. So, I mean I suppose have anyone who's watching or listening these they would already be see some of the benefits of having someone like you. And besides I think you're right on the team. I know. I love it. But, What do you think other real benefits to people and you can maybe even speak from your early experience of having to be on your side like on your team as your moving through life?

Calise: Well, the biggest thing is it depends on if you believe and if you're open minded, because if you're not open minded someone can sit there and give you all the advice that you need to hear and all the impressions that you need to know and if you're not going to listen to it just try this. So let's assume that you are open minded and you are open to it. Basically it gives you. It should really a good rating should give you a sense of calm. And a sense of knowing and a sense of great understanding as to what your priorities are at that point in time you will always have free will, and that's why I gave people everything that comes through whether it feels good whether it feels bad whether it feels right whether it feels uncomfortable because they need to know everything they need to know that the path they're going down what working for them and what's not working for them. Say for example a client walks in and this is a very straightforward example. It's not always straight infact most straightforward but say their walking. And they really overweight and they're not taking care of their health and they're smoking every day and they say what do you say for my health? And it comes through that. You know this energy moving sort of up here and I'm not a doctor and I don't try to diagnose people but what I will tell them is that I see your health is not improving if you continue to live the way that you live. And I see that there's going to be an opportunity for you to join say for example a group like I see all their friends getting really healthy. It feels like in six to eight months there's an option if you should join a workout group your friends and it feels like it's too much for you. But it feels like as well that that will inspire you to keep being healthy and learn more about how to take care of your health. So then they can decide they can decide if they want to do something or if they want to not do something. And generally, in those situations actually the healthy will keep coming back to allow them to stay on the path that they were put here to pursue

Hayley: and so you get messages from you're intuitive abilities as well as from the other side. Perhaps.

Calise: Right.

Hayley: Yes or No? you know whatever. I mean I've seen you do it. Its Phenomenal

Yeah. And you find it that's a great benefits to be able to know that its not just you communicating to them, its hold on to me

Calise: Definitely. Yeah.

So like there's two aspects to what I did do to intuitive psychic stuff is past present future. That's really helpful when you're making personal decisions, business decisions, travel decisions, life decisions, just a lot of people come to me because they want reassurance or confirmation and sometimes I can't give it to them. You know I sometimes go to walk in and say do you see me ever having kids? And the answer is No. You know I had to tell him I don't think I've been good but it gives him the opportunity to go Oh my goodness I wanted to have kids. I better get out there and start dating because she doesn't say having kids unless X Y and Z happens. So it empowers them with the knowledge of how to move forward if they want to move forward. The other side of what I do is connecting to loved ones in spirit world. So yeah, I can see and hear and sense and talk to dead people, people who cross over spirits. That provides a lot of healing to a lot of flesh behind, it really does, it fills people with hope because it shows you that. You continue on your loved ones continue on. They're still there they're looking up to you. Yes. They saw you got married. Yes. they saw you have a baby. Yes. they saw you graduate whatever it is that they're in there watching they're looking over you. And sometimes it can be very healing for people that didn't necessarily finish the relationship if you know what I mean like unfinished business, messages that needed to come through, It can help with healing. But mainly reassurance. That tends to be the biggest experience that I see is people receiving reassurance you want to me on the side.

Hayley: No jokes, I've experienced that, haven't I?

Calise: Yes, and they have a good sense of humor as well. They give you signs.

I mean they might come through may with jokes like they might tell me something to tell you that makes you laugh that I don't understand why I'm saying and then you start crying with laughter and I'm like OK I guess I need to hear that. But also it's pretty like my spirit guides a lot of the Spirit world is pretty funny. And they have a good sense of humor and timing and you know they'll make things. One time I was freaking out about money because I was traveling and I you know I had the money ready but it was just like a lot of money. And as I was having my free account like a piece of paper fell off my vision board and went down and played it down on to my keyboard and it was a fake one million dollar bill. U.S. one million dollar bill and it floated down onto my head and I just started laughing because I knew my great grandmother was standing right there and she giving me a message. A few weeks before that about money and you know it was just it was just funny.

Hayley: So, I know there are a lot of people sort of fear this kind of stuff especially when we talk about seeing spirits on the inside and they feel like bad stuff happening like bad energy all you know evil or whatever does not it has sort of come through or. does that happen in this kind of work? for you?

Calise: For me no, I swear its not technically anything's possible. A lot of that here in drama comes from two things that comes from Hollywood and it comes from organized religion. So, first let's say organized religion is awesome in the sense that it keeps people involved in something that gives them hope and it gets instructional that stuff I have no problem with that I think it's it's a good thing. What I have noticed though is that some religions treat psychic work as a cult because it's an occult as in O.C.C. not a space cult like occult work because maybe back in the day you know witches and wizards and spells and all that it all kind of got a bit mixed up. So because of religion and the belief systems that come through that a lot of people have been taught to fear the psychic world and the spiritual world. But. I've spoken with religious leaders and I have clients that are very religious some of them are even quite higher up in certain religions and they have had spiritual experiences the more spiritual you are the more you going to connect to spirits whether you're a nun or a priest or rabbi or whatever and I have clients that have all of this. Believe it or not they all feel spirit. I mean not all of them but the ones that come to me they know you know just spiritually norm. So think of it like a radio station. So frequency much this frequency vibration much vibration when I open up and I tune in. I connect with the positive intention and a positive energy. I Connect with the intention to bring through messages of hope not mismated from the spirit world to you to help guide you on your path. I'm not trying to breed revenge. I'm not trying to cast spells on people which have their own purpose in their own practices. For their own reasons. But for me the intention behind what you do determines the outcome. So if you connect with the negative intention you'll have a negative experience. When I open up. Firstly, the client that comes to me wants to hear from their loved ones. That's all I'm intending to connect to and that's all I get. And they want to know information that can help them on their part at this time. So when you turn on the radio and you tune to a station you choose what station you tune to. And you'll hear songs on that radio or on their radio station that you don't like the same way I'm going to get messages that come through from their loved ones that they don't want to hear. But that's what's on the station so that will come through. But I'm not really tune to heavy metal if I don't want to listen to heavy metal even the heavy metal still on the radio.

You know I'm not going to listen to like traumatic war story talkback radio. And if I'm not in the mood for dramatic or story talk radio even though it's out there and it's broadcasting and it's coming through because I dont care you know. But if I'm in the mood I know it's there and I can connect to it. But generally with this work I'm not trying to connect the darkest truth to not try to connect to dark energy. I don't drink but I dont you know do anything like that I keep myself really healthy and I get a lot of sleep So you know it keeps my vibration really high and that tends to keep me connected to love energy.

Hayley: That's awesome. Thank you, So Last question.

Calise: Sure.

Hayley: What is the sign and how do you spot them in people talk about, I saw the sign? Is it a sign? I think is something that for the sign. Tell us your adaptation sign and how to know if it's a sign and what to do?

Calise: Yes. OK. All right. So, step one it feels like it's probably a sign, okay? But, I have to say with the caveat of there are always people out there who completely overdramatized their life and oh my god it was fine. Oh my God. Like he called me and then it happened. And like I missed the call but I know it's like. OK sometimes it's not a sign issue. You don't like it that it is the way that I do it. Here's the way that I do it. OK. It's it's out of the blue. It's unconnected to other things that are going on. And it gives you a certain, it evokes a certain emotional feeling within you. OK. So you're walking along the street you're thinking about your whole issue of the moment because we all have issues in the moment like, should I do it should not do it should do it should I not do it? And you look up and on the bus stop is this posted that says go for it, and you got. hmmnn, cool. Im gonna go for it.  But you know say you're walking along the street and you think should I do it should I not do it and you look up and the stop sign turns green. Well it's traffic road genrally no sign you are going to say like if I do things will happen. Some things are out of the blue something to just kind of part of everyday life. But most common signs people find coins they find feathers. They see butterflies certain don't touch the flowers that their loved ones leave them. They might hear a song on the radio that reminds them of a loved one in the spirit world. I've had. Generally, the ones that you know like you see 11 11 or 3 3 3 all of those can be signs but it's not limited to that, and generally what I find is you know answer a question that I have in my head at that moment and it's unexpected.

And they don't make me laugh.

Hayley: Say sign what you're saying is some people kind of go. I'm looking for a sign. And then they look for something to be the sign for what they actually kind of want. Really. Oh that must be yes.

Calise: Yeah, are going to be really careful to be honest with yourself throughout this process and not create situations that you want to hear because then you'll just be disappointed. And that's part of managing expectations and you know made up one of the most challenging part to explain to people I'm going to tell you what I pick up rather than what you want to hear because I want you to call me in three months time and say that's amazing. It wasn't what I wanted to hear but that's exactly what happens. And now I can move forward as opposed to saying oh my god this is amazing. And then in three months I'm coming and go oh that wasn't what happened. I'm never coming back. And I told you things that you didn't want to hear that have happened. And you know it wasn't what you wanted to hear at this time. And I've even had girls and this makes you laugh so much. So they come up to me and they say it so like openly you know I came to you for a reading and you tell me that I would leave New York and I would move out state and. And at the time I was like ah that's complete. And then you know and they just like start cursing at it. But you know what. Three months later it happened exactly as you said. And that was just amazing. How did you get that. Well I didn't get it but like I felt what was happening and that's why I said it but it's really sweet. You know it's really lovely and I love the confirmation and I love all of these girls and all the people I read for they're all so special and they make my life so much fun. So that's the fun of the thing. But it was it was really funny because she's right. Like you do go for reading and you just have people saying the best Those are things. And if someone told me I was going to do this as a job like say 10 years ago I would have laughed in their faces at the same thing. You know hey you probably always have the same thing about your life too. But then it happens and you go, ohh okay. I'm going to call that person back and have another reading now because that was pretty accurate. She's going to be open.

Hayley: Ohh Thank you.

Calise: Yeah, You're welcome.

Hayley: So where can people find you?

Calise: Well, I travel around. But you can always get in touch through my website which is C-A-L-I-S-E-S-I-M-O-N-E dot com. I'm on Instagram @calisesimone Twitter @calisesimone Facebook /calisesimone have new to Facebook and yet all you can. You know all my details on my web site so you can just send me a message there and book a reading. You can book a reading via Skype if you're in New York or Sydney when I'm there. Or you can come in person if you live in one of those cities and I'm there while you're there.

Hayley: People link to your Web site and put them in video. The final thing is I usually like to ask everyone who I interviewed to try my dare.

Calise: Okay.

Hayley: So, What is your dare? and I hope if you enjoy listening to this and watching as I have thoroughly enjoyed it I'm going to be going over it again and again and again.I want you to do what Calise says it just see what happens. So what is your dare? for everyone today? Ok, my dare is for and I'm going to do. A head straight to 24 48 24 hours. Completely rely on your intuition. Now I don't want you to get yourself in trouble and I don't want you to spend lots of money on things so. Health and Safety and finances first but completely rely on your intuition. If something doesn't feel right. Don't do it. If you think something is a sign go for it. So I'm going to ask you to trust that everything you think is a sign is a sign. And to trust that if you feel something's good or bad to go with it just for 24 hours and see where it takes you.

Hayley: Let's all set am intention to do that for the next 24 hours and beyond. Well thank you so much Calise. I'm so grateful. You're such an amazing friend and I know that you are so incredibly talented and what you do for my own personal experience. I'm so grateful to have you on here today sharing you with my little world, and I look forward to seeing you again sometime future. And if you if you have questions for Calise or Calise or I please leave them below. And we will look for them all and get an answer for you. Thank you so much, see you later!

Calise: Thanks for having me. Bye Hayley, Bye everyone, see you..

Do you accept Calises Dare? Let us know what you learned by leaving a comment below.

As always, Stay Curious, Stay Open. You are the Omega.

Love, Hayley x x