Take Charge. Own Your Life. Be in Control of your outcomes.


Have you ever walked out of a session where you decide to open your mind and set some big goals, only to follow the experience with a feeling of being COMPLETELY out of control of what’s going on? Naturally, when we decide to step up to a new level, or set some new heights, challenges come up to present to us what need to be addressed before you can move ahead.

Often though, they don’t look like challenges.

They can look like people who are all out to bring you down, things going unforeseeably wrong, fines and bills coming in unexpectedly and relationship breakdowns.

This tiny shift in perspective has changed everything for me.

I hope you enjoy it.

Can’t Listen? Here’s the Transcript:

Hi! Hayley here, Welcome back!

A few short years ago I was in a seminar room by accident and stumbled across one of the most incredible insights that has literally changed my life to this day, and I'd like to share this with you because I hear so many of us wanting to know how to take personal responsibility for our lives, wanting to know how to get out of a negative situation, wanting to know how to change and get over our negative beliefs and our negative ideas about ourselves and our questions about whether we actually can achieve what we want.

And this is how to do it I living above or below the line now this is a concept so imagine if I drew a line across this screen and I asked you I'm living above or below the line?  and let's see what it looks like. OK. So if you're living below the line these three things that are happening.

  • Number one is blame.
  • Number two is excuses,
  • and number three is denial.

Now this is going to teach you how to stop feeling like a victim and move forward in your life to become a victor.

So when we blaming We are literally blaming others we blame the environment we blame the government we blame our boss we blame my team we blame our spouse we blame the family we blame our upbringing we blame the community and we can blame anything else around us that is outside of us and not us at all.

We make it external and that is blame. And any time you're doing this you are living below the line. The second is making excuses or otherwise known as justification. So I couldn't do that because I didn't have time or I didn't go and do my exercise this morning or today because I just I had too much on at work or more. You get the drift. Right. Making excuses is also living below the line. And here's the thing. The more excuses you make the more stories you have the more stories you have the more you start to believe that you can not do things and you end up stuck as a victim and the cycle continues. So ditch your excuses and I'm going to show you how in just a moment the third below the line piece and this is a biggie right. Is denial floating down that river denial. Right.

So if you're in denial it's basically like you're rejecting reality. You know you kind of maybe you are someone who everyone thinks that you're really positive and happy all the time but you look at yourself in the mirror and you hate what you say or you feel like you've got a really great business. But the numbers don't kind of add up and you just constantly feel like yeah it's all great but you're just denying reality a little bit, and by the way if you think that you're not below the line you're probably living in denial at the moment because everybody has a little bit of this pie in them.

So once you're aware of it you can change it. Now if you're any of these things we often have a favorite flavor that we permeate towards whether it be blame or excuses or denial and if made for a very long time it was denial and I still kind of slid back into that every now and again as well as the excuses. And here's how to get above the line.

So when you living above the line you take full ownership accountability and responsibility for your life and what that means is, is it anything that you previously made excuses or justifications for anyone that you blamed or in any way that you thought everything was fine? But it's really not. You start taking ownership for the results that you want to experience by asking yourself who do I need to be what do I need to do. How do I get that done. And how is this my responsibility? Now in responsibility it's just your ability to respond and say you don't feel like a victim anymore. You know that you can respond to situations instead of react to them. You can take ownership for your part in anything that you're blaming others for. And you can be accountable for the actions that must occur in order for you to get where it is that you want to go.

So in summary. Living above the line will literally change your life if you can teach this concept to your kids to your partners your teams. It will be massively massively massively impactful in the way that you can speak to each other because when you notice that someone is living below the line you can help rise up and bring each other up again so that you are living above the line together and making sure that you're taking ownership accountability and responsibility for your life. And this is how you become a victor. Now this has completely changed my life and I really hope that this really simple concept will change yours too. If you know someone who could really use a little bit of a pep up to get above the line or help to understand why perhaps they feel like a victim all the time. Please feel free to share this video. And I'd love to leave you with a little dare. So, in the comments below this video leave me a comment and tell me what are you now going to take responsibility for? And what was your favorite flavor of living below the line that you would permeate towards before?  So two things. Number one what are you going to take ownership accountability and responsibility for. And number two where will be your favorite thing living below the line before today. Thank you so much for watching. I really appreciate you and I will see you next week. Bye

As always, Stay Curious, Stay Open. You are the Omega.

Love, Hayley x x