Perturbation – The Truth about Growth & Comfort Zones


Not so long ago I was gifted a beautiful new perspective on what to do with the discomfort of growth.

You know, the ugly-cry-inducing, awkward sweaty palms, tight chested short breathed feeling of going for a new comfort zone.

That feeling like YOU’RE GOING TO DIE.

Except you’re not.

Watch below to see why - you’re going to be gifted insight into digging deeper than ever, with more passion-fuelled confidence than ever.

Once you pop through, your cells are different.  

Can’t Listen? Here’s the Transcript:

Hi Hayley here, welcome back! Do you feel under pressure? Do you handle pressure well? What do you do when the chaos on the boil and you’re being pushed? Do move back and try to make life more comfortable for yourself?  Or do you push through? Have you ever expanded through your comfort zone and experience what’s life to come out the other side?

I wanna talk to you today about the new perspective that you can take on handling pressure for yourself and the topic is called Perturbation, and this is the scientific term and in fact the man who invented it as one who know about prix price for his work a fewer to look up the perturbation you would find on Google a whole lot of calculus. So I’m going to try and explain this to you in layman’s terms in Hayley’s terms in other words. So, when you are working in a way something every human being, when we feel pressure right? Maybe its financial pressure, maybe its relationship pressure, maybe you are moving towards something and you’re really working really hard for it like a competition or a sporting event or a promotion or perhaps its moving away from something that feels uncomfortable that will have different forms of pressure.

There’s two thing that could happen:

  1. The pressure builds up to a point where we become so uncomfortable that we back off to make things more comfortable for ourselves.
  2. The pressure builds up so much that we end up popping through. Like poop! poop! poop! Poop! Poop! And we come out the other side and completely changed new different person.

We’ve actually changed in a cellular and molecular level and we reached what’s called “A new comfort zone”.  Now, there’s a couple of things to note here. First of all, when you’re experiencing perturbation its really freakin’ uncomfortable, you might get feelings on your belly, you’re being nervous , you might feel sick, you might feel emotional, you might feel stressed, perhaps there’s a lot of confusion or feeling uncomfortable just not knowing what to do or where to go?

And you can really feel like you want to back off like that’s the appropriate thing to do. However, for the purpose of growth, keeping on and keeping the pressure on and keep on going and keeping a gentle, gliding, graceful move through the perturbation when you understand it and accept it will get you through the point where you pop through the other side and you become someone who you want to become and you become the person you’ve always wanted to be and you reached your new comfort zone level, and this is when you start having new experiences, new  opportunities and you start experiencing life that you desire.

So here’s what to do when you’re feeling under pressure at the moment, if you’re feeling a little bit of perturbation or you’re a little bit perturbed right now. So when you’re feeling perturbed I always say you’re in a nutshell of perturbation you just need to acknowledge it and accept it and say this is what it is its not because I’m a fella, its not because I’m suck, it’s not because I’m not good enough, it’s not because I’m not able to do this. It’s because my cells are rubbing in friction against one another and I’m changing and growing and about to pop! Pop! On the other side. So you say that to yourself first when you acknowledge it, okay? This is perturbation , then you accept it and you make it okay.

So you say to yourself “Okay, this is good. It means I’m growing, and instead of backing off and making yourself more comfortable. Make yourself more comfortable to gently keep going because that is what is going to get you to ultimately the result that you want. Now, if you do happen to back off and make things more comfortable what happens is, if you’re attempting to reach a certain level like in your life or your business you reach the level where you can be perturbed enough that the chaos starts boiling and you’re about to pop! And make it more comfortable for yourself but you’ll only hit that wall again, you’ll hit that wall of perturbation again and again and again and that will feel like you keep going around and around in circles.

So my invitation for you is to start looking at pressure as perturbation and an opportunity for growth. There is everywhere that you can move gently through the perturbation and be really kind to yourself and move through in a way that helps you grow and expand while feeling comfortable. I can help you with that and at the very same time you can do this for anything that you want to achieve.

I had a client a few years ago and he was an amazing martial artist and he just started a new job in a manager’s world and he had come second in his world championship tournament for over a decade.  Now, he came to me when he was at the point where he decided that he wanted to start achieving all the things that he knew he could do but for whatever reason he couldn’t just get through to the next level. As we work together a lot of perturbation came up. He put the pressure on himself.

He was out there every single day getting up every morning working towards his dreams. Training really hard. Working on his mindset and a few times in our conversation over the time about coaching together he came to me like you know I just don’t know if I can do this? And this is really hard and I’m feeling a lot of pressure and this is feeling really difficult , I don’t know how to deal with this situation, I’m feeling confused here and all that he have to do was to keep on going because all of that just meant he was perturbed. All the information was there , it just wasn’t the way he wanted it to be yet.

Now, eventually what happened was he kept going and kept going and kept going and he took more and more care of himself as he moved to the levels of perturbation and then he popped! popped! popped! at the other end he became the World Champion and now he’s one of the best sales manager of the company where he is working.

So perturbation is an incredible skill that you can take on this new perspective and use as your own. I really hoped you liked this video. If you know someone right now who could really use a shifting perspective in the form of a little miracle to change up the way that they’re feeling the pressure because they really want to achieve some big things right now please feel free to share this video and if you’re watching I’d love for you to join me in and leave a comment below.

I have a dare for you,  I want you to tell me what is one thing that you would like to make a new normal for you and that you are welcoming a little bit of perturbation around in your commitment to it? I dare you! I dare you to leave me a comment and let me know what it is. I really hope you enjoyed this video.

Thanks a lot. See you next time. Bye.

As always, Stay Curious, Stay Open. You are the Omega.

Love, Hayley x x