Awkward conversation? Easy Peasy...



I have just returned from a weekend away practising ultimate state control – we jumped out of a plane – feeling NO adrenaline. I know, it sounds impossible, but its not. (I will be doing an entire blog post on this experience in the coming weeks, keep your eyes peeled!) It was absolutely bliss, and its all about assuming the outcome will be what you want. That’s what today’s post is about.

You may have found yourself in this situation over the holidays with numerous social events to attend, and end-of year reviews in full swing at work – stuck in an awkward conversation. This is one of my favourite things to practise, because it really gets one out of their comfort zone and present all at the same time.

I highly recommend making it a bit of a mission this year, to be the master of awkward.

Say hello to the cranky person in the elevator. Be the one who puts their hand up and says “I’ll do it”, and watch how it makes your grow, in communication and comfort with yourself.

I hope you’re finding yourself easily getting into the swing of 2013. I have a lot of big plans for this year, which are all rapidly shifting and changing as I put them further into place – its exciting and scary all at once, but that’s how I know its good.


If you want to experience a different kind of existence this year, contact me today and start coaching. I have worked with hundreds of people on cutting away all the unnecessary “crap”, and distilling down to living an existence that fuels you. Getting to do those 20% of activities that give you 80% of your pleasure, every day. And just like jumping out of a plane with no adrenaline, its possible.


Have a magnificent day, and welcome to a big, bold, 2013.

Love, Hayley xx