Make Promises to Yourself that Stick.

Happy New Year!!!!! I hope wherever you were, whatever you did, you enjoyed every moment - be it solitude, partying, with family, friends, or stuck in traffic.

I have spent the past two days hanging out at Bondi beach with a bunch of very dear friends. I always really enjoy New Years. Even though, and please do remember this, a new year starts every day, there's something about the energy and the vibe when everyone is celebrating a new year all at once. There is an amazing feeling in the air (aside from the hot summer night and sea-salty skin that we have here in Australia), because its like the entire world has given themselves permission to let something go, and start afresh. You can ask 90% of people on the street what their resolutions are for the coming year, and at this time of year, they can tell you what they have in mind.

Imagine if you could do this every day.... no wait.... even better - Imagine that everyone REALISED you can do this every day.

What would happen to the world if we all were able to let go and start afresh every single day? Would you forgive yourself for things you've done that you're not so proud of, even if you did them today? Would it be easier for you to quit smoking, get fit, lose weight, get that promotion, ask out that guy/girl, start that new hobbie, give yourself permission to finally be who you want to be? Of course it would. Would it be easier for you to also forgive others, and let go of their mishaps? Yep... And them to you? You bet...

How about sticking to the things you have in mind for yourself for the entire 12 months?

Todays video is about just that... how to hold true to the promises you make yourself. I warn you, it's obvious. Almost a little too obvious. Sometimes however, we just need a little nudge of a reminder.

May 2013 totally rock your socks off.

from my celebratory new years sparkling heart to yours. Happy New Year.

Go now, and get started.

Love Hayley xx