Why I don't believe in Accountability, and what I tell my clients to do to stay consistent.


I know this might sound counter-intuitive for a life coach, but, seriously?

I’m not someone who someone who is going to hold you accountable.

Nothing wrong with that style, it’s just not my style.

I believe in transformation, and I believe in finding ways to create it for yourself.

Here’s what I tell all my clients to do when they want me to hold them acountable - and why I do that.

Power to ya.


Video Show Notes:

Here’s a link to a recent video I made on how to find and connect to your why. 

Can’t Listen? Here’s the Transcript:

Hey we'll come back!

Do you struggle with Accountability? Do you have a strong way of doing what you say you're going to do?

Do you ever say that you're going to do something and even though you made it and you want it you know that you want it you struggle with following up and being consistent? Well, I had someone asked me recently “How do I overcome this? How I make myself accountable? Can you do it? Can you hold me accountable?

And I’ve got to be honest it didn't feel right to me to say “Yes! I'll hold you accountable”.  Because to me that inherently feels like if you were to ask me that you would then be placing the power of doing it on me, placing the control of the situation on me, placing your power in my hands. That doesn't jive with me. So for you it's an idea about accountability that trumps this notion that we need to be held accountable to something. Now it comes back to Hell YES or Hell NO. I’m working with some women in The Fierce Salon at the moment and what we are working around this point is getting super crystal clear on your WHY on your mission when you are clear on your WHY and you are clear on your truth.

When you are super clear why you are doing what you are doing? What you believe? What the purpose is? What all the reasoning behind this? And you have a mission or you become a person a human on a mission?

That mission becomes so powerful that nothing can stop you. Your curiosity hikes and that's what drives you forward. Every single day your curiosity and your connection to that vision, that mission that why that's what gets you up in the morning. That's what makes you jump over your hurdles swim through your feet just wade through them as if nothing really can stop you. When I'm connected to my WHY, yeah! I experience resistance yeah! I experience fear. Yes I do experience procrastination. But! not for long because when I'm connected to my WHY I realize that there is something bigger than me out there that I’m connecting to.

There's a bigger reason to me why I'm doing this. And so when opportunity presents itself and it scares me and this will happen for you too. You can say yes and yes you will be feeling a little bit scared but you'll take action forward and you would do it and you'll be able to move through that fear and be present with it. You don't need to be heal accountable because you will know that by you taking action you're fulfilling that why.

It's not about looking at the small steps and meeting to be held accountable to taking those steps.

When you become a human being who is on a mission that mission will drive you and it will be so powerful. Literally nothing could stop you.

It feels really connected and really alive. So I have a dare for you:

What's your why?

What's your reason behind everything that you're doing right now? or you have a thing that you're doing right now? What about project? Maybe that project is linked to your work. Why do you work? which is linked to my next question. What do you want? What's that big thing that you want? What feels impossible to you?

Reach out. Keep going. Get clear, when you connect to your truth a fire will light up on your belly and it just trumps everything, you’ll feel there's no resistance anymore.

Well let me rephrase that. It's all there, but you just move through it with ease. It will never not be there. Not to show you. So, if you want to know how to keep yourself accountable and be consistent.

Think about your WHY, make it a person, make it a thing, make it a cause, make it believe, make it something that moves you.

That's what gonna move you. That’s what gonna move your project, what's going to move your team.

So my dare to you this week is get clear on your WHY, What is it? Who is that person? What's the belief? What's the thing that you want?

You can leave me a comment below this video tell me what it is. You can share it with someone that you care about. You can share it with everyone. Hold yourself accountable in that way. 

Just take action.

Thanks very much. See you next week!

Stay Curious, Stay Open. You are the Omega.

Love, Hayley x x