How to Find Your WHY and unlock motivation forever


Wanna know the difference between information and transformation?

As in, how to ACTUALLY SEE the results you’re looking for?

You have to start. And keep going.

And to do that, you have to stay motivated. But contrary to what we wish were true, motivation does not come first, before action.

Action does. That’s what will start your motivation… yeah yeah, I know you know that.

So, what about all those things we really DO want to start, and we feel motivated upon, but fear is getting in the way, or, not knowing what to do first, or some other story?

What about the times when you’re so motivated you’ve taken risks to make it happen, and you’re all ready to go but you stall? The words won't come out? You don't know where to start, or what to write, or what to say, or to whom?

What about when you see people seemingly just cruising through the ranks and makin’ shiz happen, all with soooo much ease, and you’re struggling to put yourself out there and do the things that make the big difference, and seek out the opportunities that will move you forward?

It’s all about being connected to WHY. What’s underneath?

Right this way…

Can’t Listen? Here’s the Transcript:

Hey! Welcome Back! quick video today something that I find the most important underneath everything that we take action on. Underneath the big projects underneath the achievements, underneath every goal that you have - is a reason and it's usually a belief that you have or a person that you think of that you desire to help or a feeling that you desiring to generate -  it’s your “WHY?” and it is my personal belief and opinion that when you get clear on your why and when you know it and when you can connect with it and it moves you with you it's a visceral feeling your body you can overcome any kind of resistance you can overcome anxiety, fear, doubt, insecurity, procrastination.

You know, All that. Because when you're clear on your why, your why will move you and it will move you to move everything else along because your why is bigger than the task to handle or projects or thing that’s hard.

So today, in this video I’m gonna give you a really quick tool. I’m gonna help you how to find your Why, How to find it? What it is? What's the reason behind doing everything you are doing? How do you get clear?And now please.

It might be a WHY that's connected to your life's purpose or it might be why it's connected to your next impossible goal which is big things.

Why not just try a little bit of motivation and excitement behind the current project that you're working on which may be a small project. For example you are writing an ebook or you’re writing program and you intend on using the money that you make to take yourself on a holiday or by luck like gift or perhaps you're working and you need a why for a company that you are working for to help keep everyone motivated perhaps that is to understand why the company's doing what it's doing.

Or perhaps just for you an individual why you're motivated to really dive in and give your best to this project and it could just be that you're saving towards a holiday or something like that. But if you have a Why. A bigger purpose. It helps you overcome those tiny hopes of the coming moments.

Here's my two metric

It's really easy

  • Think about what it is that you're doing.
  • And ask yourself WHY am I doing this?

But, Don't just ask once

Once you answer the question and you can do this in your head you can speak it out loud you can record it, write it down.

Ask yourself again once you've got the answer ask yourself why am I doing this? and answer that question and once you get that answer ask that answer why again. Why? Why is it important for me. Why write again, speak again, think again. Ask yourself the question at least 5 times by when you ask yourself five times.

That will take you five layers deep into why you are doing what you doing. It's very powerful if you're not there after 5 keep asking the question and you know when get there because you feel it in your body, will be a visceral feeling it will bring you to tears or it might just make you feel very electric and alive and expanded and energized and awake. You might feel connected, you might feel very motivated but you know it would be to you.

So, ask 5 times at least. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

I hope you enjoyed this activity and if you understand your WHY’s keystone and everything that is going to help you stay motivated and excited no matter what you are doing now.

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So, I’m gonna leave you with that. If you want to leave me a comment. I dare you to tell me what your WHY is. Thank you so much. See you next week. Bye!

Stay Curious, Stay Open. You are the Omega.

Love, Hayley x x