What it REALLY feels like to go to the next level.

I used to imagine when I had "made it" in business (whatever that means) it'd be something similar to what happens when you win a world title in Karate. 

whatitreallyfeelslike to uplevel (1).jpg

You know, people squeal and cry, some get mad and throw their mits, they carry you on their shoulders, balloons fall from the ceiling, people throw money and strawberries covered in chocolate at you and you drink from your cup runneth overing with champagne... ok those last few are more of a pipe dream but you get the idea. 

On a side note, this last paragraph has just reminded me that some of my clients actually DO have businesses where, when you reach the next level, confetti falls from the sky, and you walk down an aisle, and people squeal and cry! That's pretty cool!

But my point here really is, even when I look back on those martial arts days, I remember people squealing and hugging me and shaking me and all the rest, and inside, feeling like the same person I was yesterday.

I still poop. It's still the same colour. Not glitter. 

I thought there'd be glitter.

And at every "new level" for me personally and in business - particularly the new highs that were suuuper extraordinary in my own world... the same thing. I still feel like the same person I was yesterday, except, my outside world has changed. I'm different, but I'm the same. Everything is different, but I'm still the same.

In fact, often, right before I'd hit that new level I was kinda sick of what I was doing because I'd become proficient at it, and, afterwards, I felt slightly like a fraud. 

That is what it really feels like to hit the next level. Fraudulence, in a way.

You might wonder where the glittery poop is. 

You might wonder where the cheer-squad is. 

You might wonder if you should actually put your adult panties on and take this thing a little more seriously since people seem to respect you now.

You might feel a little guilty about the people who don't have what you have. 

You might become afraid people will find our you're still just you, and you don't have your shitake mushrooms in a row yet.

All signs of an uplevel. Not a sign you're in the wrong place, 

Make sure you're paying attention to the meanings you make. 

Most people don't see it like that. 

You're not most people. 


Hayley xx