The Best kind of List that Everyone Needs to Write


Hola Gorgeous!  

...Isn’t there always something… something niggling... Something to do… Something to look forward to, perhaps an event, a long weekend, a holiday, whatever. Life always continues to flow, grow, and move on.

So does your To-Do List. 

A lot of the time, you may hear yourself saying something along the lines of… “Just as soon as I do ________ (insert urgent and not necessarily important to-do item here), then I’ll be/do/feel/start ________” (insert positive result here).

Last week you may remember me talking about how I was helping out at my Friend’s NLP Certification Seminar. One of my FAVOURITE things he taught there (amongst another thousand) was that the changes you need to make in order to change your life, are disappointingly simple. I love that. It’s true. Say it out Loud. Disappointingly simple. But That makes it exciting , because it means its easy to do, and sustainable. My kind of tool.

In today’s video, I give you a disappointingly simple strategy for remembering your goals, and staying on track. You’ve maybe even seen or heard it before - but, if you don’t have one, your missing the disappointingly simple part. Its meant to disappoint you, because it’s so simple, and then you go ahead and implement it.

Don’t wait for the big-bang, AHA, OMG moment. That only happens after a long period of confusion or pain. Think of this as insurance to avoid that happening. =)

Once you’ve seen the video, don’t forget to leave me a comment with your biggest ideas, I love reading them!

Love, Hayley xx

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