Reverse-Paranoia: The Hidden key to Letting Go and Living in the Present.


Let me start by making a bold statement.

Mindfulness (as in, being present and living in the moment) has saved my life.

You’re here because you’re looking for something. Something more than yourself. Something deeper. Richer. More honest and raw and vulnerable and alive and real for you.

You’re a seeker. (Me too, always).

Sometimes though, our desire for betterment can actually get the better of us. We can become obsessive with our dreams and desires. Our wish for more. That relationship. That job, That business idea. That trophy.

Not a bad thing, often has served you in getting everything else you’ve ever achieved, right? Becoming so focused on it you don't do anything else until it becomes a reality but what about those desires that literally feel impossible right now?

What about when you’ve achieved a lot, and going to the next level kinda feels like you might have to cut off everything you’ve worked for up until now? What happens when the stakes are raised, and having what you want means giving up something you’ve worked hard for, but you can't let go of what you’ve worked for because it means so much to you?

We live in a world today that is conducive to stress and anxiety being present at all times.

In today’s video, I’m sharing with you exactly what anxiety really is at it’s core, how to tell if you’ve got low-level unconscious anxiety, and how applying the principle of “letting go” or what I call “reverse paranoia” can help you totally relieve it, come back to living into present, and create sustainable success - doing whatever it is you want.

This video is for you if you’re a high-achiever wanting to go to the next level, a frustrated worker who feels like life is passing you by, or, you know someone who is.

Learning how to think for yourself in a world that aims to tell us how to think like everyone else, is one of the greatest skills you can ever develop.

Can’t Listen? Here’s the Transcript:

Hey, what's up... Welcome back!

Most of us today are living in a society where we live with a constant state of low level anxiety and when I say society, I mean the way that we live today is conducive to anxiety being a real problem and it's a low level of anxiety.

It's just enough usually so that we don’t even kind of notice it but it’s just always there and you'll know that it's there if you don’t have really exciting feelings about the future.

If you don't have really pump up, wanting to get out of bed, ready for the day, feelings about your future, where you're going, your job, your family, your house, money, whatever is happening...

You'll know that it’s there because you don't sort of wake up with a general excitement and it's so unconscious and so hidden from view that this is kind of how you can tell if it's there. 

If it’s there or if you know someone who has this, keep watching.

A lot of distinction for you today, it's going to help with this low-lying level paranoia, anxiety and fear that we don't realize it’s there, that it’s kind of crushing our souls. Right? ... and the distinction is reverse paranoia.

Now, in my beautifully unstoppable starter kit or which you can download on the website for free. I'll go through the four steps to creating anything that you want and the final step, the final step is often the hardest step because the final step is letting go of the need to have it in first place. 

When I teach these, people freak out because they're like... " Haley, the whole reason that I'm reading this guide is because I want something and I want it really badly and I don't know how to get it so I'm reading the guide on how to get it and now you're asking me to let it go.

That's just crazy talk and it sounds crazy because there's often underlying belief that you can't have what you want or something better. 

We often fear the future because we have an unconscious belief that things are not going to go well and anxiety on a neurological level, the way that it's structured as a problem when you’re subconscious, is that you are envisioning things to go wrong and feeling the feelings of them having already gone wrong today in this moment and so it creates that tension in the body and the tension in your chest.

Are you with me?

Reverse paranoia is a simple way of helping you to let go of the need to have something which makes you so much more attractive to it but also not letting it go by forgetting about the thing that you want to achieve or create or do.

Letting it go in a way that expands you rather than contracts you, so as opposed to the feeling like I have to let this go and possibly never change my life and not feel good or have what I really want.

Reverse paranoia says everything is always working in my favor. 

It goes alongside the belief that if it's not this, if it's not this thing that I want in this moment it's going to be something even better. It's going to be something better this or better. These two go really well together.

If you were thinking previously that letting go of the need to have it, that final step in the kit is letting go of having the relationship that I want and ending up single forever or letting go of ever starting my business and getting out my corporate career while letting go of having a job that I want and always being stuck here in this pay level or whatever it might be...

No, it doesn't mean that.

It means letting go of the need to have things the way you think you need them or you think you want them and as "A Course in Miracles" says... Stop praying for what you think you want and pray for what you need. 

It's about having this trusting outlook on life that says if things aren't working out the way I think that they should even though I'm working really hard and I have a vision in my mind of how it supposed to be. 

Instead of when things don't go right, feeling that the whole world is falling apart when things don't go right.  I'm now going to choose to believe that the whole universe is arranging itself so that I can either have what I want or something even better that I can possibly even imagine right now is possible, that I'm going to trust, that it's going to be even better because I'm always exactly where I need to be. It's going to be what I want or it's going to be something better and in this moment, there's something here for me.

I'll give you an example, I was working with someone recently who really wanted to create a new job for herself. She was going for a promotion and she wasn't sure if she was going to get it and she was looking for other jobs at the same time.

Now, first of all that's kind of confusing. It's like... What do you want? What you actually want? What's the thing that you want not what will the universe give me or what will end up having to me.

She decided that she actually wanted a new job or something better.

She was going for a new job, she was interviewing, she was feeling very frustrated that there wasn't really things available for her and slowly over time as life unfolded, what ended up happening was the current company that she was working with did a complete restructure and ended up offering her new position that gave her more time at home with her kids, more money and a lot more time and working within her genius...Right?

But in the times where at the start, which she was looking for new jobs and putting a resume together and actually interviewing and going out to meet people and things like that. She started to feel really really like...

"I'm doing all work, where is this job?"

This is getting frustrating and draining and this is where the anxiety starts to really creep in. Oh no! maybe it’s not going to work out. Maybe I'm going to be stuck here forever.  This is really depressing...I'm not going to fulfill my potential.

This is where Reverse-Paranoia comes in. This is where you develop infinite patience. You say right, I’m asking for something spectacular. It's probably going to take a little bit of time. This is where you say, " I'm always ready to be, the universe is working out in my favor right now. 

Everything's rearranging itself so I can have the perfect job.

Whether that's true or not. Believing it does something to you that makes you feel expansive, it makes you feel patient, it makes you present again, it makes you so trusting that you're right where you need to be and that right there is what makes you attractive to what it is that you want.

It works in the cycle. We build towards what we want to do everything in our power and then we let go of anything to happen the way we think it should happen and we trust that it's either going to happen that way or it’s going to be even better than before. 

I've worked with another woman recently who wanted to create a dream relationship and again same thing. She got clear in what she wanted. She let go of everything that said she wasn't ready and she couldn't have it right now and she said that doing what was in her power to make that come true.

We can’t control when she's going to meet this guy. We can’t control who it's going to be. How it's going to happen because these things are up to fate and chance as everyone knows.

However, there was some things that were within her power like previously out there, going on a date, making sure that she was the type of person that she would date and she was her ideal guy. Those kinds of things and it got to point out when she was like... Hayley, I'm doing all the work. Where is he?... and that's when we knew it was time to implement the full step which is letting go of meetings to have in the first place. Sounds really freaking scary when it comes to relationships.

But it's also trusting that were also where you need to be and that the universe is conspiring in your favor. So, if it's not this person in front of you. It's not going to mean you're going to end up alone. It means, it's going to be someone better. It doesn't that just make you feel like you want to move forward. You want to get out of bed and give things a go.

You want to actually take that step and take a risk and take a chance and jump into fear because this is what keeps you going in a sustainable manner and unattached to outcomes but only attached to your values and what you truly love.

I want to hear from you. What do you think?

Does Reverse-Paranoia sound like something fun to do? If so, how are you going to use it? Do you have any other tips or ways of re-framing your mind when you're feeling fear, paranoia or anxiety?

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Here's to a life of fierce freedom. 

Stay Curious, Stay Open. You are the Omega.


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