I made one video in Italy. The most important distinction I’ve ever made. (open up!)



I spent a month in Europe in September this year (lucky me!) working with a mentor, travelling, and teaching - but mostly, on holidays. It was so lush.

I went solo. My lovely man wasn’t able to join me, so it was back to the way it used to be all those years ago, just be, my tiny little bag, and my laptop.

I had such a great time. I think time alone is essential for everyone, if you want to know yourself, and be the best person you can be. Especially if you’re in a relationship (because it’s easy to lose yourself), and essentially before you enter one (so you can love yourself!).

I didn’t film anything for work on holidays, except this one video - so I’m actually sitting on a beautiful boat, in the mediterranean sea, in a place on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, called (you guessed it) Amalfi.

It was morning time so not too hot, and I’d just spent the morning having a coffee and a croissant at a beautiful cafe in the main square where the locals were setting up their shops, and the cyclists were stopping in for the post-ride caffeine hit. The tables and chairs were facing the square so I could sit and watch the people go by, and listen to the bells from the church, and the beautiful, rolling Italian accents of the morning.

I decided to share this secret with you - that is actually, the opposite of what you may think to be true.

Its a game-changer.

Let me know in the comments - How can you apply this high form of leverage, even just 5 more minutes to your day, starting now?

Can’t Listen? Here’s the Transcript:

Hey, What's up!

I'm coming to you from Amalfi in Italy today. Taking a boat to the Emerald grotto. Have a swim and chill out and I wanted to send this video because I haven't made a video for a couple of weeks and I just wanted to, I guess… To let you know that for me; solo travel is just travelling anywhere.

It gives me a sense of inspiration and the ability to keep doing the work that I'm doing and holding space for lots of people. What do you do to keep yourself inspired? To keep yourself... you know... being able to fill up your creative bucket so you can keep going and keep working and keep pushing if you're doing something that requires pushing.

For me, it’s a travel. If I don't take adventures solo or with other people. It really just fills me up and allows me to be able to keep showing up to do in my work because I'm am inspired and I'm full and it's so important for sustainability that we take time for ourselves to retreat in word but also be out in the world and seeing things and gathering inspiration.

My friend Nicola is an artist and she once told me this beautiful distinction about when she creates her art. The process she can paint the picture very quickly but the process of actually getting the inspiration and the colors and understanding what it is that she wants to paint and filling herself up creatively. That's the bit that takes a long time and it can be weeks and months in advance of doing the actual verb, the doing the painting instead of the noun... She's there... The word… Painting! The end product in other words.

So, there's a process behind every bit of work and if you are creative. If you're creating anything in any way, if you're working, there's a process behind the end product always and sometimes the process is not doing a lot at all. Give yourself permission to do nothing and when you slow down this much in this way. This is where miracles occurred. This is where the magic happens`. You just gave me some time tip to chill and fill.

Sending you Love from Amalfi, Italy…Bye!

Stay Curious, Stay Open. The life you crave is so much closer than you think.