3 thought habits for peak performance that set the high achievers apart.


I am SO excited to bring you this video today.

For a number of reasons.

  1. Because I drank a coffee this morning and my fingers are typing really fast, and everything feels ah-may-coffee-ZING!

  2. Because these are 3 of my secret, most favourite mindsets that I never realised weren’t normal for most people (and they won me 9 world titles)…

  3. Because these are also 3 habits, distinctions, and ideas that I go deeply into with my personal clients, and, I will be sharing more about in a book I am writing.

And I’m sharing here how you can apply them to absolutely everything, and anything you think is impossible right now. Relationships, Career, Health, Finances, Sport, Business, anything.

Success is transferrable.

I learned them as a martial artist. This is where I first had the experience of embodying them. And since, I apply them everywhere. Now, I’m sharing them with you.

Once you’ve watched the video, leave me a comment below and tell me which of these applies to you most right now, and which impossible goal you’re going to apply them to.

I can't wait to read your comments.

Can’t Listen? Here’s the Transcript:

Hello, what's up and welcome back!

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a little secret. Actually, I’m going to be sharing with you three secrets.

Have you ever noticed how the people who are kind of at the top of your game consistently, successfully over a long period of time, on repeat again and again? They seem to be the same people and they make things look damn easy...don't they?

Well, that's because they think differently. High achievers have a different mindset towards impossible goals and big drains and today I'm going to share with you three of those mindsets that would differentiate you from the rest of the world.

Before I start I though, I want you to know a couple of things.

Number one: Most people are not willing to think like this and that's why they don't get the results and it sounds completely outrageous and...

Number two: Some of these sounds a little bit boring and some of them sound a little bit wayward and I don't care because they work.

Finally, I'm going to be giving you examples and distinctions that I learned as a martial artist that took me to the top of my game. Now, these distinctions...they're transferable across every part of your life whether it be relationships, work, finances, career, your own sport or your own impossible dreams, your health...It doesn't matter. That these are distinctions that I'm going to share martial arts stories and metaphors with you around that you can apply with whatever you're focusing on.

The first step I'd recommend is to think about something that you think is impossible right now. Something that feels like you would have to be the next level version of yourself in order to achieve and then let's apply these three strategies.

The first one is to train like a black belt.

Now what I mean by this is, for example if I'm a yellow belt and I want to become a black belt, I don't train like a yellow belt because that's going to keep me acting where I am. I start training like a black belt and of course, that's what I did.

I learnt this distinction from my first instructor who came up to me when I was a timid little 14 year old who was too self-conscious to wear one of those "dumb karate outfits”... I used to call it and he said to me there's a black belt in there and when he said that to me I thought; Really? what?  ... and from that moment on I stopped training like a yellow belt and I started doing everything that the black belts were doing.

Within reason wherever I could. I started training like a black belt and it made a huge difference to how I started realizing I could show up in all different areas of my life. If I wanted to be someone who was a business that sets me free. I had to stop behaving in that way now or else we're never going to get there.

If you say to yourself... "I'll be happy when my finances are sorted out or I can relax just as soon as this project is finished."

We're setting ourselves up with our goals being a place to get to instead of being a place to come from and this is what I mean by train like a black belt.

Your goals are a place to come from not a place to get to.

This allows us to shift our energy and change our vibration and raise it to match where we want to go so that happens quite easily and more like a walk-through process so that you become the type of person who has it during the process rather than pushing and forcing and fighting and trying to be something that you are not, right?

The question you can ask yourself is:

How do I want to feel when I get there?

What kind of choices would I make if I were that person right now?

How would I be showing up?

How would I be practicing or training?

How would I structure my day?

How would I behave if I were the best in the world at what I do?

What type of person would I be?

...and when you start answering those questions, what to do sort of comes naturally.

That's the first distinction. Train like a black belt. Your goals are a place to come from not to get to.

The second distinction is what I call "just another tournament" and what I mean by this is instead of making your big goals really huge and giving them so much energy and wasting a lot of energy on the meaning that you make of things. We want to actually practice becoming normal about things and having not a negative energy but not a positive one either just a neutral energy.

For example, if I was competing in a world championship rather than making out how big it was and how long I'd been training for and how many people will be watching and everything that's at risk and how many people are competing, where they're coming from and how fierce everyone is, how small I am.

It was more about, okay... well it's just another tournament. Okay show the trip. He's a little bit bigger, you get a few more accolades at the end, there's more people watching... whenever. At the end of the day it's just another tournament.

So, think about this. Think about the thing that you think is impossible. Get the feelings in your body and really sort of feel all the feels connect with it and then see how it compares to this highlighter. Right?

When I hold up this highlighter, I have no emotional attachment or energy connected to this highlighter. It's just completely neutral, it's a highlighter. But what I used to think of world titles it's kind of different and what you want to do is practice either saying things or doing things or attending things at that level of who you want to be, so much so that it becomes a new comfort zone, a new normal, a neutral energy for you and in fact, it's almost boring because you're so used to it.

This is how we make these consistent successes a walk-through process. Now, something I want to point out here is that when you might look at someone who's just become the best at something or they're they seem like an overnight success or they've got everything that ... it looks like their whole life is perfect and it's all sorted out and it's great or they won a World Championship and they are amazing athletes.

I don't want you to look at them and go... "Wow! they must've just done everything all at once and it really has been an overnight success.”  What you don't realize is that, there's probably been a thousand tournaments where it hasn't felt like a highlighter energy its felt huge.

There's probably been so many fight scenarios where they've lost and they've been embarrassed and they've failed spectacularly and it's been really awkward or they've had heaps of relationships stuff ups and made heaps of mistakes and it's been awkward and now finally, they have really appreciating where they're at and they've come to a place where the energy is neutral because they've done it enough times. Whenever you see someone and something looks really natural, I want you to remember that it takes a lot of hard work to make things look natural.

Remember second distinction is just another tournament or neutralize the energy.

Which leads me into the third distinction, that their distinction is what I call... "42 Reverse Punches or in other words break it down."

This was how I used to break down the big things to help me make them not make a mountain out of molehill and to help make things feel really small that actually felt quite big.

Think about it in the way that I used to as a martial artist. There would be a big world titles coming up, a world championship tournament and it feels really huge and really scary. You start to think about how you know, it's anyone's and it's a huge tournament people are going to be there, they're going to be watching you, there's a lot at stake. But really if you break it down after making it neutral energy like it's just another tournament and you really do break it down.

Well in my case, we never did more than say seven rounds as in getting the ring and fight seven times before we made it to the end, often it was even less than that.

Each of our rounds was made up of six points, six half points or three full points. So, let's be conservative and say 6 1/2 points or six points and in order to get a half point, you had to do a reverse punch. A really simple reverse punch. You could do heaps of different techniques but I'm thinking the most basic of basic was a reverse punch.

Now, seven rounds time six reverse punches that's forty-two really good reverse punches. and that's your whole world championship and I used to say that to myself all the time.

A World Title is just 42 reverse punches.

Again, it can make it kind of boring, it makes it kind of simple when you break it down, almost predictable but it also means that you win. It also means that you have mutual energy and if you've been training like the type of person who has these right from the beginning. You raise your vibe to the same level according to the law of attraction that matches what it is that you want and therefore you're going to get it right?

Keep in mind that that many people are willing to think like this. They like the drama. They like taking up the extra mental bandwidth with all the idea of how big something is or the idea of how hard something is or how complex something is instead of just breaking it down and this is what high achievers do.

They break things down to the most simplest form.

How can you apply this to other areas of your life? Break it down. Be the type of person that you need to be and neutralize the energy as in make it neutral not making a big deal of it.

Let's go to relationships for example. Let's say you want to attract the man of your dreams or you're ready for a really good partnership. Sometimes it make a huge deal of it because we've got a massive story about how hard it is to find men or we've had a negative experience in our lives and we're carrying and holding on to the past who we think or you might be looking at your body clock and going.. "I'm running out of time right." ...and you have your ideal guy list and no one matches up to it, you got really high standards but really, let's break it down... right?

There are things that we can control and there are things that we can’t control.

Things that we can control are who we show up as at each day. If you're open, receptive and happy doesn't matter how long it takes. You're going to meet someone amazing and when you do and let's say that you're hoping it will last forever...That's it!

Once you've met them that's it. So, breaking it down is just a case of putting yourself in a situation where you're meeting people and making sure that at the same time you're feeling happy and fulfilled and energized so that you can consistently do what you can control forever until that happens, breaking it down.

When it comes to health, people look at... "I want to lose this much weight or I want to go on a diet. It's going to last me this particular amount of time before I hear my gut”... for example.

Well if you become the type of person who is healthy, it's easy to make decisions about how you plan your meals, break them down, cook them, give yourself the time to eat them and eat mindfully. If you are neutralizing the energy you're not making a huge deal out of it but you just showing up and doing the thing every day, not worrying about the result and by breaking it down really simply it's probably a case of going well meal by meal.

This is how I'm going to show up. This is how I'm going to change my body. It's not about eating perfectly all day, every single day but meal by meal by meal.

One meal at a time change your health.

If you're in a business, well business is just maths. If you get the maths right, your business will succeed.

You might need to find some extra resources and support to make sure that you can fulfill all the numbers in that maths but it's not as dramatic as... "oh my goodness! “.. you know it's a big mystery. It's really not, it's maths.

When it comes to writing a book. You know it can seem like a huge feat, a massive thing. Writing a book is massive project, very dramatic, very heavy but if we neutralize the energy and raise the bar and make the energy kind of nice and then start acting like someone who is a writer.

You probably start showing up in a way that is a little bit different to showing up right now like maybe by avoiding the computer or writing down a plan at all and then if you break things down really a book is just all your ideas put into order and probably in larger chunks with small chunks underneath and then you go and need a self-publish or get it published somewhere else.

So, you can see where I'm going with this, right? Makes it boring, makes it kind of predictable but this is how high achievers think. They break things down and make them super easy and they become the type of person today, allowing themselves to feel the way they have to feel and do the things that they would do and become the person they would become today if they would have what they want and that is my three strategies for how to think like a high achiever.

Now I want to know what you think.

Do you have any tips tools, strategies that you use as a high achiever to make things much easier, to make mountains more like mole hills and to streamline the process of getting where ever you want?

Which of these three mindsets applies most to you?

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