Power consciousness to lead and inspire with authenticity - even when the chips are down.


Some days we have it, some days we just don’t… or is that not true?

Some days, even the most motivated and purpose-driven of us can wake up… and want to stay under the covers. For whatever reason!

When you’re living at the edge of your comfort zone, which sounds quite glamorous, there are extremities to deal with that don’t get talked about too often.

Extremities like feeling alone, a lot of the time. Like making up what to do next because there’s not really a frame of reference to work from. Taking one step at a time instead of having goals with step by step outcomes. Like having to be in fine-tune with your intuition so you can sit with uncertainty and lean into it - remembering that this is what you asked for.

At times like this we can question why we even started. We can feel confused, lost, alone, and even wonder if it would be better just to pipe on down and go back into hiding.

And the funny thing is, that's not what everyone else sees. They’re still waiting for leadership. In some cases, for instruction. For inspiration. They’re still waiting for you to show up and be you - because what you do inspires and ignites.

And what you don’t see on the highlight reels of social media is that this is really common. Most people who are high achievers, leaders, and deep thinkers question themselves on a daily basis. They ask themselves how they can do better, if they’re on the right track, if they’re happy, if what they are doing truly matters, and if it’s all good enough. They also feel very alone!

It’s the dark side of being on the front foot. You’re not reacting to life, you’re making the first move. Scary stuff! Sometimes, it gets the better of a human! Sometimes we al think it might just be easier to wait and see what life does, and react, because it’s more comfortable.

But it’s not really comfortable, is it, the idea of going back to sleep.

In these times, you’re being called to lean further into authenticity. Further into your own beliefs and to back yourself more deeply and fully.

And in todays video, I’m sharing just how you can go from feeling existential and wondering if it’s worth it today, to diving into purpose, passion, and ultimately being able to continue to lead through the good times, the hard times, and the ugly times.

It’s all encompassing light-working.

Can’t Listen? Here’s the Transcript:

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles and in this book he refers to it in a way of you know developing a power of consciousness mind set so that you never get drawn off your goals and that kind of thing. And I'd like to extend that idea to every other area of your life.

There are some people who can walk into a room and captivate an audience. There are some people who can be the leader in their family without being bossy or putting others down. There are some women who can ask for what they want in their relationships and it's because they totally believe in themselves. And it's not coming from a place of fear or negativity or hoping or winching. And this is the power of consciousness. It's about having a deep belief in yourself but also being what I would call reverse paranoid in terms of having this belief or an idea that everything that's happening is actually placed to serve you.

So having a power consciousness is about having a set of beliefs a unique set of beliefs that say number one I’m worthy. Number two I'm always exactly where I'm in to be. Number three I always stay connected to my desires and what it is that I want and I don't let negativity get in the way. I don't push it away I just don't give it energy. And number four everything that's happening is exactly to support my highest good. Now there are other beliefs that you can have to have a power consciousness that isn't just as an example. It's not a state where you pump yourself up and feel really powerful and then you walk out and it's done and then you don't feel powerful anymore. Power consciousness is of consciousness. It's a continuing state of mind it's a continuing flowing idea that everything is working out in your favor.

So if you're ready for a little bit more magic in your life, a little bit more influence and leadership whether it be of yourself or of your team or of being able to speak up for yourself and your family or even to lead your family and influence them positively in a new way. Then I invite you to consider that these beliefs they work together as a cluster to help you support yourself in growing forward and growing a power of consciousness. Now it's about being completely in alignment with what it is that you want. So acting and speaking and thinking in alignment with what it is that you want.

You can't be saying one thing and believing another because your energy just but it just shows.

It arises out of you and it can't be the fact that you sort of are taking all the actions but really believing that you don’t think it’s going to work and it's about doing whatever you can every single day to stay connected to your desires, your focus, the instep, the goal, the result, whatever it is that you're bringing into fruition and coming from, not getting to, coming from that place. So you can use what we've talked about in past videos where I've talked about getting an intention and feeling and generating those feelings in your body.

You can get into agreement with yourself and move past your intention being 80% in one direction 20% in another and you can start acting in alignment and doing whatever it takes to be completely in alignment with what it is that you want now especially in the sort of I guess what's called feminine aspect.

Our power is in the present our power is in our presence as well. It's not in necessarily are doing everything and being everything and being everything to everyone and being everywhere. It's about having a consciousness state of power that says “What I say matters and I believe that to what I do not as I believe that too. And I'm only going to ask things of people that I'm willing to do myself”. So it's about living in alignment and believing that wholeheartedly. So it takes a little bit of extra effort to make sure that you're living in alignment with what it is that you want but your power of consciousness will develop as you start to develop belief in yourself.

A trust in life. And as you begin to develop habits that keep you connected every single day to what it is that you're here to do and nothing else.

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