Using the power of Yin and the moon to make PhD’s, Launching, Book publishing and the nomad lifestyle feel easy and joyful - with Dr Ezzie Spencer.


Since meeting Dr Ezzie Spencer, and working with her, my life has felt increasingly abundant and easy. Applying her lunar abundance practise to my life has brought a presence of ease and inner calm to everything I’ve been working towards - including currently, writing a book, speaking at large events,and launching an online program I’ve held very close to my heart for some time. I remember a few years back sitting in my friend Em’s car outside an event, asking her all about why people in Byron Bay love the moon so much. I thought it was a little cray cray to blame feeling psycho on this big beautiful ball of light in the sky, “The moon made me do it!” style.

Increasingly however, as I have become more connected with myself, I have become more in tune with nature. I did begin to notice over the years that during specific times of the month, I couldn't sleep (like when it’s the full moon for example), and it made me feel really curious about if this was pure coincidence, if I was conditioning myself, or, if there was something to it.

I chose to become curious about the latter. And just at the right time, enter Ezzie and her Lunar Abundance Practise.

In this practise, Ezzie shares a very practical, easy and fun way you can use the cycles of the moon as a mirror for self reflection, creating true, deep abundance in every area of your life, and as a reminder to slow down so your success can be sustainable for you. (Right up high-achievers alley!) As an ex-lawyer and PhD though, coming from a naturally very yang-driven world, Ezzie is the embodiment of ease, fun, and gentle grace in the face of big, daunting and often head-heavy tasks.

In this interview I got really curious about how it is that she does that. Her PhD was done in record time, was a perfect mark, and was easy and fun for her. Her book was written and published in record time. And it was a delight. There’s something in that. Something really beautiful. — and in todays episode, she’s sharing her knowledge and research on how we can all have what she’s having.

I personally found so much gold in this conversation, I know you’re going to love it. We talked about:

  •  How Ezzie found this unusual and exciting work and landed in it from the career she was in
  •  How to make a transition from work that is very pragmatic to one that is more heart-centred
  •  How to deal with resistance and naysayers if or when they show up
  •  Taking the leap into something scary and different to what you’re used to
  •  How the principles of yin and yang work within the moon cycles
  •  How you can use the principles of yin, yang and the moon to make your current work and creative projects come to life with ease and joy - and big results.
  •  How Ezzie used her Lunar Abundance practise to write her book
  •  How to use Yin properly (it doesn't mean just dropping everything and sleeping for 4 days!)

… and so much more.

Show Notes:

Ezzie’s new book, Lunar Abundance: Flourishing with the Cycles of the Moon can be found at

You can Find Ezzie and all her programs, including the Lunar Abundance Salon and her free downloadable to track the moon at

Find Ezzie on Instagram at @lunarabundance

Stay Curious, Stay Open. You are the Omega.

Love, Hayley x x