Living from the Heart - a Simple Guide


“I manifested it.”

“I did it from a place of love”

“I just put it out there and it happened.”

All things we hear a lot, which are so enticing, and yet, when we don’t understand the physics and paradigms behind these statements, it sounds wishy washy. Control freaks gonna freak. And freak they should.

But living from the heart doesn't make any logical sense - and yet, making every decision from logic doesn't include consideration of the magic that ensues when we tap into emotion and use the power of the dynamic and metaphysical laws of attraction to fuel our fire.

If we are all energy, how can we not use our natural vibration to make impacting changes in life?

Yet if we are always playing woo woo manifesting maven monopoly, how do we keep our feet on the ground and see the real world results if we’re always looking ahead? What about the budget? What about cash flow? What about rising interest rates?

I have a really exciting and easy process for you, which marries the two polarising ideas into one.

Living from the heart isn't about ditching logic, but for many of us, logic is all we use - and when we’re too far into our head, sometimes logic isn't even logical - it’s keeping up with what we are conditioned to want.

It’s about checking in with what our deepest core desires and intentions are, and ensuring that our actions are aligned with this - so we can fast-track it to where we are going. And it makes the process so much more fun.

IT’s all in alignment with the simple idea that often we are so much closer to the life we crave than what we think - it’s just that so often, we think the way it has to happen is the only way - and this my friends couldn't be further from the truth.

When you open up to all the possibility around things occurring, life becomes so filled with ease


Can’t Listen? Here’s the Transcript:

Hello welcome back. Today we're talking about something that is really hard for high achievers to do and often times really difficult for women even when it comes naturally. And that is living from your heart instead of living from your head. We're going to talk about how to actually do that. Now, It's a hot topic because sometimes living from the heart you know that phrase can come across as really wafty and a bit wayward.

It's also really really important that we’re all living from our heart especially as high achievers.

I see so many of us put off the things that will really make us happy, put all of the things that we really enjoy and place achievements place on to do list items and place expectations that we think that society thinks are that are family think that we should do in front of the things that will truly make us really happy, you know and place those things way outside into the future and not allow ourselves to really have a life that feels a mind and what it is that we truly want and truly love in this moment.

Whilst we also make the achievements happen and make big things happen and do the things that whether they are societal expectations or parental expectations or just things that you really want, you can have a life that you live from your heart and you can achieve.

So the first point that I really want to make in this video is that living from your head is not a bad thing.

Logic, thought, critical thinking, and our ability to remove ourselves emotionally from a situation are really helpful at times.

For example, when you're feeling like a total victim and you're acting like you’re in a child and having a little hissy fit at the world and you know not getting anything done or when you're really emotional and unable to make a clear decision logic returning to logic will really help you to assess what's going on to look at the past. Look at your trends look at your goals and come back to them or in your business look at the numbers and return to what's actually happening here as opposed to what you think should happen what you feel like might happen.

I think that's why you can get a really bad rap from your heart. And we lose ourselves we lose our joy is our happiness we lose our joy de vivre and zest for life so living from the heart is incredibly important that this does not dismiss being able to use logic and rational and positive self-talk visualization head based things to assist with living from heart.

Now it's quite simple to do so.

But it's not necessarily the normal or the norm.

So it can feel a little bit difficult and a little bit clunky in the beginning but to move from head to the heart some say it is the longest journey that someone can actually take. And in some respects I believe that that is true because it's just like when you start to trust in your intuition or your gut feelings which don't always make sense.

It can feel scary.

It can feel like you're kind of standing in the dark and taking a big risk and foreign. So it's ok just know that it's OK to take the journey from your head to your heart. Now, here's how to do it: Danielle LaPort says that “Feelings are Facts” and I love this phrase because in her book The Desire Map she uncovers in such a poetic and beautiful way. How do you use your feelings to guide your life now.

I wanted to take this a little bit deeper in the Peak Performance world in elite athlete world in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and with a whole lot of a whole host of other people formants kind of person development-tools they talk about visualization, you know sitting down closing your eyes and really visualizing or thinking about re-imagining or picturing the things that you want actually happening and there's something magical that happens because the neurons that fire off in your body are exactly the same.

When you're imagining it to when you're actually doing. So in other words your brain and your body don’t know the difference between you imagining something and it actually being real. So visualization is incredibly powerful. However, how many of us use visualization and still don't get results. There's a key aspect here that I want to add in so this is you know appealing to your logic mind volatiles or sharing something that's leaving from the heart.

So have you ever really wanted something or not even realize that you really wanted something but seen someone doing something really kind of cool or different and thought to yourself ahh

And it gives you a feeling your body gives you a feeling in your belly? or some kind of shift that just makes you notice that it was quite appealing to you like maybe you saw someone just take off the backpack and leave everything behind and go somewhere else.

Or maybe you've seen someone experimenting with something new, like with cooking or with essential oils or with dressing differently or chopping off their hair or something. Or perhaps you’ve noticed somebody recently starting a business or enjoying a new skill in their life in developing it and when you look at that person or you read a book or you read a book or something and when you look at it or you hear it something in you just stares.

This is the pace that is the most important in reprogramming yourself for anything that you want.

And this is called an intention.

So the difference between a goal and an intention is that a goal is measurable steps.

It's something that you can look forward to. You can measure. It's you know within a certain timeframe you can say at the end of it yes I achieved that. Whereas, an intention is actually a feeling. So it's something that you can return to at any point in time. And this is the bit where most people get confused because we don't understand all the time that we can actually generate feelings in our body. We don't have to wait for a feeling to begin before we feel it.

We are the ones who are in control of that. Side note, this works really well with motivation. So if you're struggling with motivation don’t wait for motivation to come, actively generate that feeling in your body.

Now for some people it will not be able to generate once you sit down and you have the intention or you just generate it in your body you sit down and be in your body be mindful and allow that to generate others of us especially the ones who are used to living in our heads and very very logic minded and very much the thinker and the analyzer and the debate within the head and hearing all the voices and stuff. It's easier to do this when you use a word to trigger an emotion. So by asking yourself how do I want to feel you can then go about when you are generating those feelings in your body and you don't have to do that by taking a whole lot of action that's one way of doing it.

You can you can feel that way by doing certain things, but living from the heart is about allowing yourself to generate those feelings in your body without having to do anything.

I really want to stress here that this is the first stage living from the heart means doing things and acting from that space. But the distinction I want to get here is that this is a place to come from not a place to get to.

So when you say I want to feel this way this way and this my life I want to feel happy I want to feel organized and want to feel disciplined.

It's not about , OK what can I do now to get to those feelings? It's about coming from that place and that that really is living from the heart. So it's about generating the feelings in your body. And then when those feelings are present in your body that's when you make the decisions that's when you have the conversations. That's when you take the actions because it's going to be ever so slightly different when you have different feelings in your body. So think about this, you're feeling angry at somebody and you might have a conversation with them and when you're feeling angry and your body the words are going to come out so differently.

If you pause if you kind of hold back and you say right I actually want to feel calm and peaceful and whatever and so you generate those feelings in your body. You have a completely different conversation. So living from the heart is a place to come from as opposed to a place to get to. And setting an intention and generating feelings in your body is a way to live from the heart as opposed to living from the head. Assessing and making decisions and visualizing all the time. Now when I was talking about visualize before what I meant by that was that when you're visualizing something unless you feel it you're not reprogramming yourself. So allow yourself as you do your visualizations to feel the feelings of these things happening the way that you want them to. This is what truly reprograms your body your neurology for what it is that you want and your ability to live from the heart comes from when you take power and position over your own intentions you generate feelings in your body and you start to make decisions and act from and work from and speak from and limb from that place as opposed to taking actions in order to try and get you there.

So, I have a dare for you.

I want you leave me a comment underneath this video and tell me what is your intention?

How do you want to feel?

What are you going to do with it? So when you generate this feelings in your body what becomes easier what becomes nicer?

So leave me a comment below this video and tell me that. Now, Thank you so much for watching. If you like this video please like it. Share it and if you know someone who could really use a little bit of help with living from the heart exiting that has a place just click them an e-mail with this video I'd be glad to help. And you cannot delve into take my dare as well. Thank you so much for watching. If you want more you can come to HayleyCarr.TV and sign up for my weekly updates, I share stories and I share insights and I share funny things and photos as well as you know all the goodies and information about upcoming events and dibs on first to get. But you also get my free unstoppable starter kit which includes a meditation and some wallpapers as well. As well as an e-book that I wrote for you.

Well so thank you so much for watching. And I will see you next week.

Stay curious. Stay open.  


Love, Hayley x x