A miracle is a shift in perspective - what does that even mean?



Ever heard in the Personal development world the term, “A miracle is a shift in perspective?”

Do you ever wonder what that means?

One of my beautiful clients recently questioned me on this, and today’s video explains in a little more detail what this means, and, how you can apply it, to experience miracles in your everyday life.

Here’s to having a miracle mindset!

Can’t Listen? Here’s the Transcript:

Hey welcome back. You've probably heard me saying it or you might have read it in a book because I certainly didn't make it up.

The phrase " A Miracle is a shift in Perspective."

And one of my beautiful clients said to me on the phone recently, "Haley, what does that even mean?

So, I thought I would make a video as per her request to explain what that actually means--"A miracle is a shift in perspective".

Now, when we use the word miracle in everyday terms we think of, you know, some guy with a beard coming out of the sky, the clouds opening up and everyone can walk on water or something miraculously changes from one thing to another and everything's different. Kaboom! Right? This is our perception and perspective of a miracle.

However, a miracle in 2017 or out of the books doesn't look like that at all. A miracle is when you're looking at something and it completely changes because you're looking at it differently.

In his book, "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People", Stephen Covey tells a story of the time he was sitting on the train and there was a man sitting across from him and he had two kids and the kids were going crazy on the train.

They were making so much noise, running up and down the aisles, climbing on the seats, banging on the windows, they were just out of control. And the father was kind of sitting there, unresponsive, non-receptive, staring out the window, just looking blank and not doing anything to really parent his kids and he got really frustrated and he looked at him and he said,

"Excuse me sir, that your kids are going crazy right now and they are being very disruptive. Would you mind actually doing some parenting. (I’m paraphrasing here). And you know, take control of your children." 

And the man looks at him and said, "You know what, you're right. I'm so sorry. Everything's a bit of a mess right now. We've actually just come from their mother's funeral and she died really suddenly. And I'm just not really sure where to even saw or what to do with myself."

Now in that moments, the way Steven then changed completely different. A miracle is a shift in perspective because when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

So, I'm going to give you a little tip on how you can actually apply this today. Because there's one thing about comprehending being able to change your perspective and then actually doing it. It's fun. It's quite easy but it's just something that you have to have at the front of your mind. So, from now on or just even for one day. I want you to look at situations that frustrate you or cause fear and all you have to do is say, "I'm willing to see love instead. I'm willing to see excitement instead. I'm willing to see a different perspective."

The act of being willing as opposed to looking for the answer straightaway means that you completely open yourself up to being shown the other perspective, as well as becoming curious about what the other perspective might be and figuring it out yourself. 

So, for example you might be looking for love right now and instead of saying there are no good men out there or there are no good women out there, the city is full, everybody who is good looking is not of my sexual orientation, everybody who I'm attracted to is taken. Whatever else excuses there might be. You know, you live in Sydney. I know I hear it a lot. This is no good people in Sydney left. I have to go overseas.

Just say to yourself instead, "I'm willing to see this differently. I'm willing to see love everywhere I go. I'm willing to say all the opportunities that are maybe connect to other people that are already in front of me."

And if you don't want to make something up and that sounds really cool and you think, I don't know what I could say. Say one of the things I've just repeated or you could say,

"I'm just willing to see this differently. I'm willing to open up to miracles. In fact, I'm realistic. I expect miracles. I expect to have a shift in perspective everywhere I go. Promise you, you can take this on as one of the things that you pride yourself on being able to do in every moment."

You have so much ability to connect and become compassionate with other human beings in every single moment. It does so much for the art of conversation as well as for your own happiness and security too. So, I hope you enjoy the activity. Just being willing to say things differently.

If you like this video, I would love for you to please share it along with someone who would love a little bit more of a miracle in their life today. And I'd love to know how you apply this as well. And what happens for you and even if you can do it in the moment while you're watching this.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you can look at in two different ways and how that makes you feel.

Thanks so much for watching and I'll see you next week. Bye!

Stay Curious, Stay Open. You are the Omega.