Power Productivity secret for Handling perfectionism and Finishing


Confession: I made this video because I really needed to watch it.

I am a class-A, perfectionist, multi-tasker and procrastination ninja.

In fact, I’m so darn good at it, even I don't notice I’m doing it until I’m knee deep in a pile of junk that I’ve decided today is a great day to declutter.

Ooh, my shoulders are tight even just typing this right now.

But you know what, I bet you do this too. Because we’re alike, you and me.

If you’re reading this, you have probably sabotaged your own efforts in a myriad of ways too - like waiting until the last minute to get something done and never feeling satisfied…

Or hanging around feeling busy somewhere like. I dunno.. Instagram live… and watching all the inspirational videos and even making your own, and then not doing the real actual work it takes to move your life, or your to-do list forward…

Or being super active in Facebook groups but never actually doing the real stuff because it’s too damn hard.

I know you know what I’m talkin' about.

I used to love the idea of being a productivity hacker. Sounds cool, its basically just a cool name for, how can I distract myself from sitting down and just doing things that make me feel uncomfortable with computer programs that make lists and other things that resemble organisation… but aren't really.

I have a short and sweet 3-step love map for you today, You’re going to dive deep into whatever you’re avoiding right after watching it.

My wish for you is that you free up all that wasted energy you spend not doing what you are avoiding, and spend it instead, enjoying life.

Video Show Notes:

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Can’t Listen? Here’s the Transcript:

Hello and welcome back.

Today I've got a secret for you. It's a secret about how to actually handle perfectionism and get things done and be productive in a way that doesn't have you running around like a chicken with the head cut off and having to drink 10 cups of coffee every single day. In fact, it's all about slowing down in order to speed up. And I have a quote to start you with.

Nothing can add more power to your life than by concentrating all of your energies on a limited set of targets. Now that's a quote by Nido Qubein. I think that’s how you pronounce it.

So, I bet you can guess. It's a really simple video today.

If you want to be more productive, if you want to get over perfectionism and you wanna’ actually feel powerful in your day. Then you got to slow it down. This is all about mindfulness.

So, I'm going to give you three steps but step number two is the most important part. This is how you get things done. This is how you get over perfectionism. You just get things going and become super super productive.

Step number one: Come back to your why. Why are you doing this?

If you're not connected to your why, you're not going to be connected to your inspiration. When you’re connective to your inspiration, fear goes out to the window, procrastination, resistance, all of it goes out the window and things start to flow, things start to channel the information that you hear to deliver things start to channel the information that your here to deliver.

Step number two. And this is the most important one.

Step number two is do one thing at a time and just start. So, what that means is sit down at the desk, get rid of everything else, close down all your tabs, turn off your phone, turn off your email, set the timer and just go and then put your fingers on the keyboard and start typing away. Just do it, one thing at a time. You just have to stop. Okay, now that's kind of two in one, a whammy, that's why it’s big one.

The third step or the third factor or the element to making it all work probably it's a nice little cluster of ideas, is that when it's 40 percent press Go, Press Publish, hit Send, make it gone, make it done.

Now, there's a couple of caveats to this but the main thing is that if you think 40 percent is like. Augh! I cannot do that, I will get fired, I cannot do that. This would never work, I would fail, everyone would know I’m a fraud and I suck and it would be horrible.

Then my friend you are a perfectionist.

And I'm talking to you. The reason why you’re here watching this video is not because you are someone who achieves nothing in your day or you know, I know you probably feel like you achieve nothing because you probably set your standards really high. But you're watching this video because you are someone who is a high achiever. Who sets really high standards for yourself and likely you have some perfectionist tendencies.

So, when it hits 40 percent it's ready enough.

There's a law that states, it's the eighty-twenty rule. Right. Twenty percent of the things that you do give 80 percent of the impact. Just like 20 percent of the clothes in your wardrobe, you wear 80 percent all the time and all the rest. So, 40 percent? Right? When its 40 percent done that means that you've cover off the 20 percent that's the most important and will have the most impact plus some extra 20 percent fluff. Hit Send. But the key here. Right. That's for the perfectionist thing, the key here was mindfulness. Do one thing at a time. Don’t answer your phone and be on email and type your report at once.

Focus. When you point your energy and your attention into something you get in the zone. You get into flow. You’re adding your presence to it which is very very powerful and become skilled and attentive and you notice things and you fix things. And you channel, you pour all your energies and the right kind of energy into what you’re doing. So, mindfulness.

So, I’ll go over the steps again and One, get clear on your why, get connected. Number Two, just get started and do one thing at a time and Number Three, when it's at 40 percent, hit the send button.

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