The difference between a bitch and a breeze


If there truly was a magic pill for making us have everything we want, this would be it.

Sometimes the road paved to success is not as complicated as it seems, but the most obvious answer is the one we don’t see… you’ll see why in this video.

This week, I’m sharing a little phrase I love, which has helped my clients quit unhealthy habits for health reasons, devote themselves to projects which have been on the to-do list for years, and assess boundaries and act accordingly - with ease and with gusto.

Remember - the best insights come from taking my dare at the end of the video.



Can’t Listen? Here’s the Transcript:

Hello and welcome back! Do you have a habit that you are really wanting to master?  Do you have a creative project that you've been really kind of struggling to birth into the world perhaps a business idea or just something that you're creating at the moment and you haven't really committed a 100% to making it happen? Perhaps you've got a habit that you would really love to just make a new normal for yourself and you're struggling because it's not making headway and it's not becoming your reality and it really just hurts to implemented all the time.

Well Jack Canfield says that the 99 % is a bitch and 100 % is a breeze. So in other words that one percent that you are not playing full out is actually killing now give you an example. So last October up actually around September last year 2016 I decided to quit alcohol and there were many reasons but mostly it was because I had to go on a very strict diet to heal some stuff that was going in my gut and it required me to give up all sugar 100% absolutely and completely. Not just a little bit you know it was all fruit and everything. And this included giving up alcohol because sugar is in alcohol.

Now in the beginning I was kind of like oh yeah but you know like I've got all these weddings coming I had three in a row. And I'm just about to leave the town and I mean I'm going to have a party and you know what about if I just have one glass of champagne? You know and I really it was coming from a fear of me not being fun if I didn't have a glass of wine in my hand. Cause I'm never not funny or whatever. And so I was really feeling afraid of diving in a 100 %.

So I started off my little journey by going to the first wedding and having a couple of glasses of champagne. And what I realized was that it was making me feel really sick. So I had to go 100 percent and I realized that I was putting all this effort into this diet and this way of eating that was supposed to be healing which was difficult in the beginning. And that 1 % where I was giving myself an excuse or giving myself a way out you know a loophole like oh it's a wedding. It's just you know there's always something that 1 % was actually killing me because the 99 percent where I was putting in the effort I wasn't really putting in the effort and yet was not seeing the results because I was completely sabotaging myself by the 1 %. So I'll come back to that court.

99% is a bitch and 100% is a breeze. And that's by Jack Canfield.

So my question to you is do you have something that you are going for and feeling frustrated that it's not becoming you know or you want to create it And it's just not not happening not working not not coming to fruition as fast as you want and not seeing the results.

My question to you is are you in a 100%? because 99 % is not 100 %,  99% is not 100%.

So whether it's a business idea or creative projects like a book or something that you a piece of art or you know a course that you want to take you know how many of us actually take courses and say yes to things that we really want and then only play out  50%of it. You know I go in 100% and this comes back to mindfulness as well. It really does.

When you give every moment  100% of your undivided attention and you're really in the present moment or you're really present with what you're learning while you're present and focused and engaged and enrolled in what you're doing.

You get the most out of it as well. So it's not just about the 99% putting in the effort, it's about receiving and 100% as well and really diving in. So you get 100% of the experiences that you have signed up for today.

So 99% is a bitch because you don't get the benefits of 100% either.

So my question to you as well as my dare to you  today is leave me a comment and let me know what are you 99% in and what is the 1% that's killing you. What are you learning? What did you realize from this?

It can be big.

It can be small.

It can be something that you've just you might have a bit of an enlightened moment now. Oh my goodness. But that's the difference.

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