Prevent Burnout - Utilise the masculine and Feminine to get things done with Grace.


How does she do it, man?

Well, she’s either a superhero who needs a nap, or, she doesn't do it all alone.

In 2008, I burned out. Hard. Like, in the kinda way most people can't comprehend. I was pretty much bedridden for almost three years. I had the kinda burnout the doctors had only seen in 40 - 50 year old executives, they said. And it wasn't going to go away. (It did… but it took 2 and a half years)

I was 22.

At the time, I had just finished a uni degree, I was training for another wold title in Karate, and I was working full time. I hadn't stopped for a number of years and I thought I had to do everything myself - because I didn't want to be a burden on other people by asking for help, and I wanted to appear like I had my shiitake mushrooms together.

I also wanted to do it myself. I thought it was humble, and moral to do things myself, the slow way, and do it alone.

But the more I grow up, the more I realise we simply can't exist alone as human beings - especially if we ever want to see things get done in this lifetime.

But we can't just daily dally around and be “in-flow” and trust the universe all the time either.. can we?

  • Do you ever fear stopping, because you feel as though if you do, everything will fall apart?
  • Do you feel like you’re afraid to really go for your next big thing (promotion, book-writing, elite level of sport) because you’re afraid of burning out again and repeating old patterns?
  • Do you have a habit of going into overdrive, overwork and overthink, and you know going to the next level the way you’ve always been doing things is unsustainable?

In todays’ video I’m sharing with you how to utilise your masculine abilities without foregoing the fun and flow that comes with being present, yin, feminine, non-linear - whatever you wanna call it.

I hope once you watch this you’ll feel supported, uplifted and ready to take action and leverage your genius, and your time.

Can’t Listen? Here’s the Transcript:

Hello and welcome back!

Today here’s the topic that is super close to my heart because I learned peace through tough experience and that is how do you do less than masculine in what you’re doing without burning out. So, I work with a lot of high achievers high achieving men and women and a lot of them struggle with this idea that if I stop working everything stops like I am too afraid to stop working because I'm going to run out of money and I won't get afraid that everything will stop working.

But I need to stop working because I'm burning out. And I very much can relate to this because I experienced it myself for many many years and a lot of these people stuck in this idea that they are the ones who have to do everything all in it all by themselves all the time and they have to keep pushing and driving and forcing and so, the inner critic like that in a voice that is so harsh is up turned up really loud and really driving in the driver's seat and it hurts.

And so what I want to do today is they share with you a little bit about how you can utilize the masculine and what I mean by is that yang energy utilizing that yang energy will be masking masculine energy to actually still get things done and very cheap without losing sight of yourself that's bearing in that needs to rest that gets to rest that gets to enjoy being present and playful and creative because what we're seeing is that this yang dominance this yang driven energy doesn't work in the long run you do end up burning out and so that feminine or yin energy has to be utilized in order for your success to be sustainable.

So how do you do it?

Well first it's understanding what I mean by Yang as masculine and Yin and feminine right? So, Yang is very linear.

It's linear thinking, it's planning, it's doing, it's structure, it's systems, it's automation leverage, Its delegation, it's assignment, it's planning, it's mapping, it's looking at things and assessing them and making decisions from that.

Point respected very very useful. Do not go without this especially if you are a high achievers, especially if you are in a leadership role or you make decisions for others or you have your own business. Right? But what about the other side that feminine or Yin or non-linear practice?

Which is the creativity, right? The brainstorming, the intuition the sense of things the gut instinct the being able to think and plan and delegate and receive and be present and create from the heart from the body from being in the moment being in slow getting things done. For me being present and on stage giving a presentation connecting with others on a deep authentic level, two very different things.

Both absolutely essential to moving forward and being sustainable. That non-winning in part is also the part where you take holidays and you switch off and you get to rest and those are the times when you're best creative ideas and get inspiration from somewhere else. That's when that comes through, so it's very very important.

But if you don't plan for it, it doesn't happen.

So both of them are essential and very very necessary. So the masculine is always being you know you look at you know really stereotypical manner.

Then the masculine was always there to protect and to provide. And if you were to take this now and look at your current life in this 21st century and say OK well how can I use this to protect and provide? Because the other thing that you can see is that so often we don't want to do that as women especially for ourselves.

This is we see these phenomena of strong women waiting to be saved taking out loans, getting in debt, waiting to be rescued, waiting for something to happen, ignoring the finances, ignoring their intuitive hits, ignoring their fears, and waiting for something to happen.

I see essentially too much hope on the universe, unexpected right. It doesn't work. We need to use it both.

So, just a little reframe for you, the way that you can do this is by sitting down having some structure but adding some floor and beauty to that structure. So in other words when you have to sit down and have a meeting with yourself every 90 days to plan out the next many days and get excited. Make it fun, make it beautiful. Give yourself a reward at the end. Play awesome music, take yourself some somewhere inspiring, amazing and get it done.

So you can add the flow, add the feminine to these times make them really sacred and beautiful.

But I also know that these times we’re utilizing the masculine I hate to actually support and protect and provide for you in this fluctuating and flowing times. All the in between times when life happens but we don't know what to expect.

We can plan to prepare for this much. So to give you an example as opposed to sitting down and being consistent every single week myself with these videos that I create for you. If I was to set a time and do it on a regular basis.

If it's too regular. That just doesn't work for me. I like to be in a flow. So, I take time probably once a month or once every six weeks to think about what are the themes that I really want to bring forward. And I know people who do this on a yearly basis, on a quarterly basis, on a monthly basis for some people it works a weekly events for them, this is just for me right? But, I don't set that up. And do it all at once and get it done and send it to my assistant to make sure that that structure is in place.

So this is me, utilizing leverage, utilizing planning, utilizing strategy in one particular block of time. So that you are receiving what I have to offer on a regular basis so that I can be consistent so that I can actually serve you the way that I want to. And then I can go off and actually make sure that I'm present for the people that I'm working with on a weekly basis every single day.

And I'm not worrying about “What is other thing that I need to do?” or “gee this thing hasn't been done this week”. So in other words it's leveraging your time or automating what you’re doing, so that you do it once you set it up and that's that masculine kind of structure ang Yang piece and then it supports you for as long as it supports you. And this is really really cool to prevent burning out and also to be able to stay on track get things done and achieve and be productive in a way that remains inspiring and remains fun.

So, my question to you is do you have tips? Do you have advice? Is there a way that you love to do this?

What's your method for staying balanced between the masculine and feminine? Or the Yang and the Yin? and yet when it comes to actually getting things done or is it something that you got from this video we all like “Hmmnn, maybe I could do that.” Maybe it's time for me to actually ask for help maybe in order for me to grow I don't know that I can’t do it all by myself. Perhaps it’s time for me to leverage my time and actually ask for some help or patch things into one particular time. Perhaps I need to set up some time once a month, once a week, or once a quarter, where I can actually sit down and review what's happened and then look forward and make some plans and then the plans are done and all I have to do in the 90 days is actually implement. It's super super fun.

I have a group of girlfriends who meet up with regular basis and we do exactly this.

So, leave me a comment, let me know what you learned or if you got some tips that you'd like to share.

And if you like this video please like it, subscribe to my channel and share this with anyone that you know who needs to get out of their masculine a little bit more but utilize it and not actually avoid it.

Thank you so much for watching.

I hope you enjoy this video and I'll see you next week. Bye.

Stay Curious, Stay Open. You are the Omega.