Add more Ease into your entire life with this one Simple switch.


I don't know about you, but I grew up learning that life has challenges, you have to work really hard to get what you want, harder than anyone else, and anything worth having is going to be a struggle at some point. And then it’s “worth it”.

I didn't learn this from anyone in particular - but probably mostly from movies. Sport movies. Movies where there was always some big drama before the guy gets the girl, or the team actually wins the grand final, or the fighter gets her trophy.

It’s everywhere.

And guess what - it’s total bollocks.

Trust me. I know.

I know because one day, I just quit. And I decided to just do what felt easy and fun.

And I’ve never looked back.

Here’s how YOU can do it too. I promise you, this way, (you’ll see what I mean) is the most fun, energising, and liberating way you can ever do anything. (And, it doesn't involve quitting everything you’ve worked for and giving up, either!

Video Show Notes:

Here’s a link to a recent video I made: Prevent Burnout - Utilise the masculine and Feminine to get things done with Grace.

Can’t Listen? Here’s the Transcript:

 “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive more Youer than You.”

That is a quote by Dr. Seuss if you haven’t heard of it.

How do I create more ease in my life through my health, through my work, through my finances, through my business, through the decisions that I have to make, through where I want to live, through where I want to go what I want to do next, my relationships? How do I have more ease, more joy, more fun, more abundance? How do I get to the next level without burning myself out?

How do I make things happen with ease? How do I get myself unstuck? How do I get to the next level without doing things the way that I've always done that. That's unsustainable. I can do that this way any more. I can't keep up things the way that I've done them. But I don't want to sacrifice everything I've worked for and achieved up until now. I need to give it all up and do the other thing that I wanted to do. Like how can I have both and how can I have the bird with ease?

Do you ask yourself that question ever?

I want to let you know a secret. Everything that I do, everything this is created for, everything that I work with other human beings on is not around.

The ease part. That is what we're all looking for. It's about adding more you to your life. So, while yeah there are basic foundations on certain things like business you should know them and follow them.

There isn't a road map to success. There's no magic pill there's no rule book.

We weren't born with a manual on how to do that.

The way that you are going to find more ease and natural success and confidence and achievement and ability is by adding more you.

So the question that needs to be asked is not how can I add more ease. It's how can I add more ME or what would feel easy for me.

What would feel natural easy expansive or insert a feeling would for me, the more you you are it flows.

For example, how can I work out where to go next on my travels or where to leave next or what the next chapter is for me? I don't get it. I just want to figure it out with ease. Don’t ask that, ask yourself what would feel easy for me?

The reason why this is not the first thing that you've come up with as what to ask yourself is because sometimes we have this inherent belief that it's not allowed to be easy or it's not supposed to be easy or there has to be a little bit of challenge. Otherwise it's not worth it. You got to give up to go up. And that's a paradigm.

It's true for some people because they choose for it to be true for others they can choose ease and your life can be easy it's allowed to be easy at work.

Right. How can I get this project done? How can I make it feel more easy or what would feel easy to you? How can I take my foot off the pedal and still get everything done and still get it done to a level that I expect myself to get it done at? How can I be a leader how can I be a better leader? How can I make this leadership game in this challenging situation feel more easy?

Well how can I add more of myself into this leadership game. In my relationship how can I add more me to this relationship more vulnerability, more of my personality, more of my role real honesty quirkiness weirdness. It's going to bring you far more connection. How about business? What's the next move? What do I do? What's the strategy? How can I make this easy? How can I figure out how to get to the next level? Well, what would feel easy for you? What feels fun? what feels natural? What do you know that you would excel at? What brings the spark what sparks joy? This

is how you add more ease to your life. Add more you. Ask yourself what will feel easy to you not out there like how is it easy? How can I make this happen? You want this easy for you. I love this question because it opens up the floodgates to floor. So if you're looking for a little more flow dont ask yourself out there what you need ask yourself in here.

What feels good for you? What feels easy for you and just follow the path of least resistance. You're allowed to do that.

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Some beautiful desktop wallpapers for your inspiration and a meditation that I made just for you and it's free.

So go on over there and collect stuff for you stay in touch with me. Now I'd love to hear from you. Leave me a comment. What's the thing you're working on and what would make it feel easy for you. Let's play.

Thanks so much. I'll see you in the comments or I'll see you next week. Bye.

Stay Curious, Stay Open. You are the Omega.