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Laugh + cry + uplevel = 'aha' moments + action



I have spoken at conferences, events, festivals and in workshops and retreats facilitated by entrepreneurs and companies all around the world - from London, and Ireland to Costa Rica, all around Australia (my home country) and America.

Often, I start with a song. Because it's awkward, and it gets the most awkward thing I can think of out of the way, so we can have a real conversation. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and gasp with recognition of some of the things I talk about very openly, and be prepared to have a real conversation. 

I don't use power-points, I speak from the heart, and I do a killer Q&A.

My approach is a radically honest, often humorously self-deprecating, and a down-to-earth way of addressing issues and inspiring change. 

Here are some of the topics I speak on:

  • Rich & Rested: Unlocking the myths of Women, Money and Success.

  • Going from Fearful to Fierce. 4 steps to creating anything you want with confidence.

  • The Dark side of high achievement - an honest account of high performance and how to overcome top level challenges that only a small number of humans on the planet face.

  • Chronic Freedom - My story of healing from chronic illness and learning the secrets to operating from a flow state for high performers.

  • Energy Management in the workplace, and on the sports field.

  • Calmology: Calm Is A Superpower. Stress Management for high pressure situations and general wellbeing.

  • Mindfulness in sport, relationships, and work.

  • Lessons from the Dojo: 10 Black-Belt Strategies I learned as World Champion Martial Artist to help you Succeed in work and life

  • Women in Leadership: Finding your Feminine Superpowers for fast productivity and cohesion in a testosterone-fuelled world.

  • Learning to love the edge of your comfort zone (and beyond)

If you are looking for a speaker who has a no-holds barred approach, and won't do a typical run-of-the-mill powerpoint presentation, please contact us (or fill in the form below) with your request for a topic, or requirements for your team, the length of time you’d like me to wow you, your event type and budget. I will create something perfectly synergistic for your event. 

Please note, travel costs, transfers and accommodation will be an additional cost. 


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Hayley Carr