Performance anxiety to promotions

I’ve worked with Hayley on two occasions now. As a Sales rep and Muay Thai fighter I pride myself on reaching optimum levels in both my work life and sporting competition. I pride myself on my discipline and self-motivation, goal setting and high achievement.

Michelle Hutchison: Testimonial to Hayley Carr, life coach - high achiever goes to the next level

Unfortunately along with that I suffered from performance anxiety. Nerves and self-doubt are often commonplace within Combat Sport, however, when it got to crippling levels and inhibited me from performing at my best, I knew I needed help. This was a hard thing for me to admit because I felt I was well equipped with the mental skill set to be able to deal with such situations, I’d read all the right books, I had achieved great things in the past, why was I not able to logically deal with this situation??

From there it escalated into my work life which I have always been confident in. Enough was enough.

Michelle Hutchison: Testimonial to Hayley Carr, life coach - she was able to re-programme underlying limiting beliefs

Hayley was able to drill into the core of the problem and, once identified, was able to re-programme underlying limiting beliefs.

From there I went on to compete in a relaxed and confident state and aware of the physical response pre-fight, I implemented the skills learnt from Hayley to conserve my energy for the fight. Of all 8 fights it was the best I had performed. Not long after that, I was approached by the State Manager of my organisation and offered a promotion. (Really unexpected)

M Hutchison Testimonial to Hayley Carr, life coach - I was offered a promotion

I would highly recommend anyone wanting to achieve the next level in the endeavour they choose to work with Hayley. She has an innate ability to communicate and unblock the limiting behaviour you may not even be aware you have.

Michelle Hutchison

Sales Representative, Sydney, Australia