Hayley cured my chocolate addiction

Testimonial to Hayley Carr, life coach - she cured my chocolate addition

I loved chocolate and I didn’t seem to have that switch in my brain that told me to stop eating after a little bit. So I always ended up eating the entire block of chocolate. Then I felt miserable afterwards.


A friend of a friend told me they had seen Hayley... and I was really interested to find out more.

Hayley is absolutely so professional and immediately made me feel comfortable (even though I thought my problem was so silly). She helped me to drop my addiction to chocolate immediately, but not only that, I really see myself now as on the track to being much healthier, I feel much better about myself and I also eat much healthier.

Anyone that is struggling to achieve something or give up something they are addicted to, this is definitely worth trying. I am more than happy to recommend Hayley to my friends and others (some friends have already seen her and see results for them too!).


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