Get in control, nearly double my earnings and lose 10 kilos.

Working with Hayley for the last 12 months has honestly changed my life and also changed what I believe my life can be, what I can have and what I’m capable of achieving.  My belief system has changed fundamentally from the work we’ve done and I now feel in control of my life, my choices and my outcomes, as well as knowing how to go about changing my world to achieve whatever goals I might set.

Sue Jolliffe: Testimonial to Hayley Carr, life coach - make lasting change

Hayley’s approach is very organic and is about making changes right at the core.  When I was ready to set some goals and work toward them, my whole approach was different than ever before because of the work we’d done .. and I achieved my goals easily, while embracing and enjoying the process!

 In terms of outcomes, I have started my own business and changed my earning capacity from $150,000 per annum to $270,000 per annum, based on working the same hours as previously.  This has given me the ability and freedom to work from home part-time and still earn a very decent salary! I also lost 10kg, improved my fitness and achieved my black belt in karate.

To anyone wanting to make lasting change in their world, both internally and externally, I would say definitely get on board with Hayley.  She is thoroughly knowledgeable on how to guide you forward and help you make positive change, as well as understanding, astute, caring, compassionate, supportive, approachable, accomplished and inspiring – she truly does walk her talk!  Working with Hayley is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Sue Jolliffe

Sydney Australia


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