Shifting direction and leaning into who I am

Elise Watson:  Testimonial to Hayley Carr, life coach -shifting direction

I cannot overstate how much I’ve learned from you Hayley.

But the weirdest thing is that it’s difficult to explain and the way you coach is so gracefully subtle.

I had no idea how much I changed in a year.

Your generosity and skill have made me feel so supported.

You helped me get pay raises, let go of old relationships (that just wouldn’t budget and felt so effing heavy for me) and really look forward to what I want to build in my life.

The format of regular coaching over a long span was perfect for me, as for me it takes time to integrate knowledge and change a direction purposefully.

One of the most helpful things I’ve learned is how to sit with emotional discomfort and examine what it’s telling me honestly. And I feel like a world has opened up in giving myself permission not to work crazy hard, to rest, to love reading and just leaning in to who I am (as a Highly Sensitive Person!).

These are the compliments I now receive almost daily, which I owe to you:

Elise Watson: Testimonial to Hayley Carr, life coach -you helped me get pay rises and let go of old relationships

"Elise, you are just a breath of fresh air."

 "Elise, after talking to you everyone else seems boring."

"Elise, I just love how you can be excited for me."

Elise Watson

Sydney, Australia



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