Freedom from negative blocks

When I first got in touch with Hayley and asked her to be my coach I knew I was blocked and shut down, but I just didn’t realise quite how much and in how many ways.  Nor did I realise just how each of these blocks had its own negative impact on my life. No wonder life wasn’t enjoyable for me at the time and things always felt hard!!  It was all my blocks and fears.

Over our 6 months together Hayley helped remove all my blocks, and instilled me with many new empowering beliefs and behaviours. I’m now more on track than ever before with achieving my dream of running a successful coaching business and am much happier in my day to day life.

Greer Wignall: Testimonial to Hayley Carr, life coach -Freedom from negative blocks

I was initially hesitant about signing up for Hayley’s program as it stretched me financially.  But I knew what she could do for me was worth it, and the end of the 6 months I was beginning to see the return on my investment in the way I was being treated by others, how I was treating myself, and how I was able to do things such as increase my coaching prices with total congruency.

One of the biggest things I got from our time together was the wealth of resources Hayley shared with me, which will keep me on track for a long time to come – books, websites, and blogs. An inspiring and impressive coach I would recommend Hayley to anyone.

Greer Wignall

London, United Kingdom

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