Success in sport, finances and relationships

Became a world champion despite injury plus Sport, finances, relationship success

Rebecca Zammit: Testimonial to Hayley Carr, life coach - Became a world champion

At first it was only me who understood that I needed to make this investment in myself. From the outset, my life looked perfectly fine. But I wanted it to be ‘elite’. Hayley is such an amazing role model and example of what she teaches. Since working with Hayley I have won a karate world championship, healed relationships, made more money in one week than I had ever made in any week of my life. In fact, within 2 months of working with Hayley I was already earning a side income that was triple what I was paying for coaching. Hayley has facilitated the most powerful shifts I have ever made. She is a radiant professional and loving human being.

Rebecca Zammit

Sydney, Australia

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