Your voice pops into my head

I loved how safe I felt with you — that I could share anything and just say random shit and it was okay. I suppose I would just like you to know how much you’ve helped me. Your voice is definitely one that pops into my head when I’m trying to work through something, when I feel like I need to level up in terms of whatever I’m dealing with.

Testimonial to Hayley Carr life coach - I loved how safe I felt with you

I am so grateful that I could myself the gift of you, that I listened to the little voice that made me sign up for your newsletter and eventually reach out to sign up for a breakthrough session with you.

I’ve had a bad experience with a so-called “life coach” before and although I was a little hesitant, somehow I knew we’d vibe. And I was right because your kind, gentle straight talk and your sense of humour was the perfect mix to guide me through the breakthrough and all the shit that came up afterwards. You gave me practical examples which made my left brain happy and you brought enough woo/ magic/ creative language to please my right brain. Thank you Hayley for being my guide during this time. I will always be grateful to you.

And I’ll send you a copy of my book when I self-publish it. Because I know I’ll get it done and you’ve played a part in keeping me on track.

Thank you x 40,000

Tracy Ashworth - Australia (Currently wandering the world)

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