How can one human being make such an impact on someone's life?

Nothing comes close to the shifts and growth I have experienced since I have been working with Hayley. We all read testimonials and, when you are sitting on the other side, think to yourself "This all sounds too good to be true; it's all a bit too much. How can so much happen in such little time? How can one human being make such an impact on someone's life?"

Coraline Dufroux, Testimonial to Hayley Carr, life coach -renew, refresh…much more is coming into my life

Well let me tell you this - Hayley is one upfront, no bullsh1t kinda lady! She will tell it to you straight, like no other person will ever tell you. She will help you unpack your baggage so it is right in front you and you can see it for what it really is. She will literally have you staring out on the edge of the cliff and at times even give you a little push so that you leap into the unknown.

I thought I was living my truth, my dream life. I had pushed myself so hard to get to a place I thought was where I wanted to be. I was fatigued (adrenal actually), always overwhelmed, and sabotaging everything in my life (the man of my dreams, my business etc..). I was getting in my own way and drama was at the forefront of my life.

Hayley gave it to me straight A LOT and through her light, kind and supporting ways, I soon gracefully found myself moving out of the drama into the gracious lightness that is life.

My life is much the same, but also completely different. I chose to let go, and the magic is now streaming into life. I am now able to catch myself moving into the drama. I find I have become the observer of my life rather than the controlling A type personality that I was. I allow myself time to renew, refresh; and now, without the pushing, much more is coming into my life - the wealth that I have been longing for in my life - love, light, laughter, abundance and so much more.

Deepest Gratitude Hayley!

Coraline Dufroux, Brisbane Australia

Hayley Carr2, Mid 1 FS, SA 2