Hayley Carr is a phenomenal coach

I cannot go without saying that Hayley is a phenomenal coach.

It’s like have a powerful conversation with the smartest version of you, and it comes with all the perks of her deep presence, sense of humour and endlessly inquisitive mind.

During the salon, I experienced something strange. Having a slot of time,  few times a month, completely dedicated to growth and support was insane for me. I did absolutely nothing but the salon on those evenings, whcih seemed very slow, especially in the midst of training for a world title. I also got the incredible coaching experience of Hayley Carr.

The extra live feeds and always-pertinent posts on our Fierce Salon group brightened every day and the overall experience. The women who partook were all incredibly heart-centred, high achievers like me, so it was constantly like having a mirror held up. All the insights they gained and all the coaching they received applied to me. I am so proud of and love these women.

Rebecca Shortt: Testimonial to Hayley Carr, life coach - phenomenal coach

For me, the biggest breakthroughs came in the distinctions that seemed to be ‘cure-alls’. They were lessons for living everyday life.

If you are thinking about joining the Fierce Salon, be prepared to receive, more than you ever have before. You’ll start giving from a full cup and feel connected to yourself and to others more than ever. You are never alone, and challenges that may rattle you can be quickly transformed into life-long lessons in a safe, supportive space. The value is ten-fold because the distinctions taught will apply forever. And if it all seems edgy and little ‘extra’, then it’s probably exactly what you need.

Rebecca Shortt

Sydney, Australia