Letting go, NLP helped me say no

Having tried psychology for several years, I felt there were still some issues that I couldn’t quite shake.

Simone: Testimonial to Hayley Carr, life coach - I now feel much more confident in social situations

 I didn’t know why, I just knew I wasn’t happy. Many areas of my life were confusing me and I was finding it very difficult to let go of my failing relationship.  After just one session of NLP with Hayley, I was able to let go of years of depression and actually wake up and see what was going on.  I was finally able to stand up for myself and have no problem saying ‘no’ to people.  I now feel much more confident in social situations and in making new friends.  I got rid of all my friends who were destructive and only allowed positive people into my life. I’m now surrounded by a group of amazing people who make me smile every day.


New York, USA

Hayley Carr2