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Kylie Gillett:Testimonial to Hayley Carr, life coach - achieving my goals and living health happy life

I attended one of Hayley’s workshops and though I could see value was scared of the financial commitment of signing on to personal coaching. But within 6 months of starting with Hayley I was well over half way to achieving the financial goals I had set myself for the year, my attitude towards money had shifted and so too did my behavior – the money I spent on Hayley’s sessions well and truly repays itself many times over.

At the beginning of the program I set 3 goals: Finish my MBA, be financially free and do a pull-up (which symbolised living a fit and healthy lifestyle). Hayley has helped me achieve all these goals by giving me the tools to live my ultimate life, talk through hiccups, bumps and obstacles to achieving these goals and when necessary give me a (loving) kick up the behind.

Since starting the program my attitude has shifted, a metaphorical weight was lifted off my shoulders and with it went the physical weight I was carrying, I got the pull up and am living a healthy happy life! I’ve also reduced my personal debts by almost $10,000 in 9 months.

Hayley is an effervescent, life-filled, amazing, positive influence on my life, and I would recommend her to anyone that wants to break through crap holding them back, learn how to set and achieve goals and live their life – but more awesome!

Kylie Gillett

Sydney, Australi

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