I’m no longer “just a mum”

Before I started with Hayley, I honestly just existed….I was a mother to my children, a wife to my husband, a daughter, sister, friend. BUT I truly did not know who I was and what made me tick.

All I knew was that I was not a fan of myself and unless something changed I was not going to be a person that anyone wanted to be around due to my own insecurities and low self esteem….

Sharon Mumby: Testimonial to Hayley Carr, life coach - I feel like a different person

I knew Hayley was right for me, when I saw her videos and thought she is one chick I would love to be mates with, she is silly and funny and doesn’t take life to seriously – someone I would love to be!

I was quite daunted to be honest before I started with Hayley, I had never talked to anyone seriously about myself and what my deep and darkest thoughts are…but Hayley was awesome, I felt comfortable talking to her and really learning about who I was and how to deal with the thoughts that were not helping me in any way.

Now I feel like a different person, some of the dark thoughts I had about myself are no longer there, I am a happier more confident person who strives to be positive, strives to be active, eat well and be a great role model for my children.

I won’t lie, it is not roses everyday, but Hayley has given me the tools to help with the downer times, making them downer moments rather than days or even weeks.

I would recommend anyone to work with Hayley, she rocked my world and literally made my life amazing!

Love her long time.

Sharon Mumby





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