Comfort-zone blown

My biggest lesson was to let go. Let go of the expectations of the fear of the - I can’t possibly do this. Through working with Hayley I began to see fear in a different light.

I no longer feared fear I embraced it as a message from the universe, a sign that I needed to address something within me. Hayley helped me see that I could safely feel the fear and do it anyway and boy oh boy did doors open up for me then.

Vanessa Millar: Testimonial to Hayley Carr, life coach - she is world’s best cheerleader
  • BEFORE WORKING TOGETHER...I was scared. I was small. I was living within my incredibly tight comfort zone quarters. I didn’t believe I was good enough. I didn’t believe I was loveable. I didn’t believe I was capable of anything. Hayley challenged me to be everything I am, to expand to see the opportunities as limitless. She encouraged me to believe in myself, to trust my voice, my intuition.

  • What scared you the most about working with Hayley? Woah! Change. Who wants to change? Life is so comfy in our right now place. Change means challenge, it means facing your fears. Peeling the layers back and getting raw and vulnerable. But as scary as saying hell yeah to Hayley it was exactly what I needed to move forward and to claim a life of my dreams.

  • What was the best part about working with Hayley? Hayley is the world’s best cheerleader, you know this girl has always got your back. She doesn’t shy away from a smackdown when you need it, but she delivers it with love, presence and unconditional support.

  • If a friend were thinking of working with Hayley, what would you tell them? If you want to stop fear holding you back. If you want someone to support, guide and encourage your growth and expansion into a life you love. If you want to understand how you sabotage your own happiness and find ways to get out of your own way. If you want a life that feels free, light, joyous, limitless. Hit Hayley up, she’s your gal!

  • What makes coaching with Hayley a Hell yes? Experience. Love. Generosity. Understanding. Joy. Laughter. Fun. Hell yes to that!

Vanessa Millar

Perth, Western Australia

Body Love Coach


Vanessa Millar: Testimonial to Hayley Carr, life coach - stop fear holding you back

Vanessa Millar: Testimonial to Hayley Carr, life coach - stop fear holding you back

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