More successes from the Fierce Salon

Ashley became a winner on all fronts

Ashley went from placing second in his Karate World Championship tournaments for almost ten years, to winning his first world karate title, and increasing his business revenue by 40%, allowing him to buy his first home and propose to his girlfriend.

Today, they're happily married, they've just had their first baby, and he's used what he learned to save tens of thousands of dollars, receive bonuses from his company, get his athletic self to a point where he's the fittest, fastest and strongest he's ever been. He told me "even though we don't coach directly any more, you are still coaching me every day".

Michelle landed her dream job and followed her passion

Michelle was set on a dream job. When it wasn't flowing, she took a step sideways from the career path she was feeling stuck in, and quickly fulfilled a lifelong dream she never thought she’d be able to do - become a qualified makeup artist, and work under one of the most prominent artists in the world. After a year of fun, she returned to her original goal to land her dream job. She now does her artistry work on the side, purely for pleasure.

Rebecca succeeded at more than just her business

Rebecca made more money in one month than what she invested to work with me in helping her set up her coaching business and fill her workshops. After joining the Salon, she won a World Karate title, while showing up to compete more rested than ever.

Amanda balances her dream career with the best care for her kids 

Amanda made the biggest proposal of her life and now works her dream career, and has the highest paid salary in the state for her position. As a single mum she’s able to take the best care of her kids, and herself, possible.

Natalie walked away from toxic relationship to an incredible life

Natalie realised she was in a toxic relationship. She found the courage to walk away, which also spurred her into a new career, and she is now married to the man of her dreams, and making more money in a month than she was making in a year.

Lachlan overcame his block, now works at his dream job and follow his passion of singing

Lachlan started doing all the things he avoided, and overcame his block around confidently promoting himself. He changed careers, landed his dream job with ease in a saturated market, and now runs a successful side gig fulfilling his creative passion of singing and performing on stage. He’s making more money then ever.

Adelaide invested in property and travelled the world with her dream guy 

Adelaide got centred, and got focused. She met her dream guy, bought her first investment property, and negotiated 2 years off work to travel the world. She's now married to the guy, and they just had their first baby!


Elise got all she wanted and has more big plans

Elise thought she needed to start a business to make more money. She instead asked for a pay rise in her work at a time where "they aren't increasing pay" for anyone", and even though she was finally OK with receiving a "no" she got a yes. She's now working her own hours in a corporate career as a six-figure woman, and working on starting her own business.

Slava started to transform her life just by asking

Slava realised the biggest thing that was holding her back was her ability to actually ask for what she wanted. She has since created transformation in her personal relationships unparalleled to anything she's experienced in her life.

Hayley Carr