An Interview with Melissa Ambrosini.

  • You’re too young to be a life coach.
  • You’re too short to win one of those big tournaments
  • Nobody cares what you have to say. Nobody even cares about you.
  • You will never get out of debt. You can’t be trusted with money.
  • You would be happy if you could just win again and then prove to everyone you’re the best.
  • You’ll never find the kind of love you think you deserve. Who do you even think you are?
  • Yeah, OK I accept you – but you’d be better if you could just fix your health.
  • You’re not good enough. Stop Trying.

Meet my mean girl.

Yep! That’s her. Otherwise known as Nina. She’s alright. She keeps me in check and makes sure I dot my “I’s” and cross my “T’s”. Well, thats’ when she’s not in the drivers seat that is. When she’s driving – my life spins out of control.

When she’s in the drivers seat, I’m acting on impulse instead of intuition and heart. I’m fearful, and living in a lack mentality. I drop my vibe and get hung up on conversations about things that don’t matter. I experience more frustration and less flow. Ease disappears and she stops me from getting a good nights sleep.

My mean girl. We’ve all got one. (If you’re a dude, you’ve got a bad boy).

Otherwise known as the ego, fear, the little voice in your head, the devil on your shoulder… and a myriad of other things.

I call her Nina. And she’s dressed like Lara Croft.

For years though, she was running the show, and I didn’t even know she existed.

A bit like the elephant in the room. You can’t see her, she’s everywhere.

Oh but when you do – when you do, everything changes. 

You may have heard the expression before “Choose Love over Fear”.

Choosing Love means gently shutting the door on your mean girl, returning to the present moment, and living from a space of abundance, present-moment awareness, and being infused with passion, purpose, and love. other words coudl also be flow, joy, truth, your essence, and many more.

I am so excited, and deeply grateful to be bringing you a beautiful, hour-long video chat with the biggest advocate for choosing love over fear that I personally know – Melissa Ambrosini.


Grab a cuppa, stop the clock, and lets chat about Silencing your inner-critic – or rather: Mastering your Mean Girl.

In this beautiful chat, we got to cover some of the biggest questions people ask about how to do this in every moment.

+ Mel’s Journey to Health, Wealth and Love

+ How we pinpoint our mean girl at her sneakiest.

+Mel’s 3 steps to Silencing your Inner Critic, or shutting the door on your mean girl and choosing love instead.

+ What is Self-Love, why it gets misunderstood, and how to practise it easily every day

+ My biggest personal “aha” moment reading the book that brought me to tears.

+ Mel’s take on applying your mean girl to letting go of the past, finding new love and living from a state of abundance in all areas of life

+plus.. you know there’s more!

I really hope you enjoyed this video conversation with Mel, and, that you will give yourself the gift of having a book like this one in your collection of resources to keep you blissed.

The Book will be available from December 14 2015, (that’s this last Monday gone), and you can purchase it online at Booktopia right here. 

I’d love to hear from you! Do you realise you need to master your mean girl a little better? Are you putting this into practise already? What are you learning?

As always, Stay Curious – it’s the omega,


Hayley xo