If you’re looking for an Oracle who has all the answers to life's biggest questions, and can spoon feed you the secrets of the universe, promising huge abundance and success - good luck.

And please call me when you find it.

If you work with me I will never, ever tell you what to do. (I think you’re a genius with all the answers already.)

I’m here to help you tap into your greatest potential, and then totally, unapologetically, own it.

My name is Hayley Carr, and I have been a sought-after life coach for almost a decade, in helping people to become more confident, genuinely happy, fall in love, make more money, live a more adventurous life, perform at their peak and become vibrantly, Abundantly Healthy.

I have worked with thousands of people across the globe. Weather you’re looking for 1:1 Tailor-Made Coaching, Inspiration to own it at life in every way, or a dynamic speaker for your upcoming event, I have something for you that will totally rock your world.

Here’s to the freedom of “owning it”.

Yes! I want to…