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More than just to you. You and your everything make a difference to the entire world around you.

You have the power to completely transform your life. In every moment, with every new choice, every new breath, and every single thought. In the next 90 days, you could be existing differently if you devote yourself to choosing what makes you come alive. Just think about that.

And when you get it, trust me, sister. You showing up and owning it is going to give everyone around you permission to change themselves too.

You’re a walking, talking revolution. Just by being your bold-ass bear-cat self.

You don’t need me. I’m here to make the ride fun, and faster. And even if we never work together, I want you to know I’m virtually high-fiving you for being here. You’re one of the wild ones and we’re going to make a huge difference.


Covering 8 elements, this in-depth course is based on my signature coaching package designed to rewire and retrain your mind to release your negative stories, face your fears and step into your feminine abundance, ease, and flow. If you’re serious about committing to life changing work, Breakthrough will help you upgrade your life in a fast, effective and easy format you can keep returning to forever using basic NLP training and my unique personalised methods.

The Power of One

The Power of One is a high-impact conversation that will clear the fog on what you truly desire, as well as give you a (potentially) much-needed inspired kick in the pants. In this laser-focused conversation, I’ll help reconnect you with your truth through inspired action. As well as a fresh perspective from someone who has the chops to tell it like it is, with honesty and experience.


Are you repeating the same patterns over and over even if they’re not serving you? Do you know what you’re meant to do, but just can’t get there? Does it feel like sometimes you’re backed up against the same wall? Are you ready to play bigger and to take on the support of someone who can see what you can’t so you can quickly improve?

Renew is my signature personalised intensive coaching package designed to rewire and retrain your mind to do what you want, in a short burst of intensive time with me.


Are you a leader who wants to take your life to the next level? Are you seen as a ‘success’ by others, but secretly you’re frustrated because you’re not following your gut or expressing your true essence?

Fierce is a deep, personal experience with me, 1:1. Over 9 months.

Maybe you’ve already worked your buns off. Maybe you still feel unfulfilled despite everything you’ve achieved. Maybe you’re asking ‘is this it?’. Maybe you have no idea how you’ll ever be able to do more because life is so full. Somewhere, a part of you knows there must be more, but you just don’t know what that looks or feel like yet.


Fortitude is the most unique adventure you will ever embark on. It’s a turning point experience where you will be transported somewhere beautiful, with me, and a small sisterhood of other women just like you. Who are ready to make a transition to fulfilment and grace.

This training is a concoction of delicious fun, intense coaching, deep reflection and audacious adventure. You’ll come away with me to a private, exotic location and experience travel, and transformation, Hayley-style.