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One conversation to powerfully change your life.


Do you have a specific problem that you can’t nail because confusion, doubt and overwhelm are holding you back? Are you on the brink of making a big decision, but need some backup, or a push?

The Power of One is a high-impact conversation that will clear the fog on what you truly desire, as well as give you a (potentially) much-needed inspired kick in the pants. In this laser-focused conversation, I’ll help reconnect you with your truth through inspired action. As well as a fresh perspective from someone who has the chops to tell it like it is, with honesty and experience.

This intensive one-off session will give you:

  • the CLARITY to say ‘yes’ to doing what you really, truly want
  • LASTING changes on your life and business
  • the GUTS to walk away from things that aren’t right
  • the PERMISSION to achieve your goals, no matter how ‘impossible’
  • repeatable STRATEGIES for creating more money
  • insights into how to LET GO of years of self-limiting conditioning.

Quick fire details

This Open Session is a one-time, 1.5 hour 1:1 session with me as your coach. Think: Powerful Action With No Attachments. It’s a conversation designed to shift the way you perceive your entire life, not just the challenge at hand.

Here’s what’s included:

  1. A one-time 1.5 hour, 1:1 session with me via Skype (so you can be anywhere in the world).
  2. A recording of our session to re-listen to and re-learn from forever.
  3. Action, change, strategy, answers, insight, inspiration, clarity. And an ability to start, and keep going.

Your Investment $550

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Hayley’s ‘tough love’ coaching is compassionate and direct. She has the special knack of cutting through any ‘story’ and getting right to the heart of the problem.

Sue Moore, Victoria, Australia

Hayley was able to drill into the core of the problem and once identified was able to re-programme underlying limiting beliefs.

Michelle Hutchison, Sydney Australia

Our session the other day was amazing, I feel like I’m a different person already!!

Lyn Lind, London, United Kingdom

I am forever in Hayley’s debt. Having been around seminars, speakers and Coaches for nearly two decades, I can promise you that Hayley is indeed unique. She has all the knowledge and skills as the top coaches I have seen. Beyond this however she has an incredible intuition to read people, which enables her to better lead people. This combined with a giving heart  -not just words, like so many others – because it sells, but a genuine care for others.

Anthony Ryan, Central Coast, Australia

After just one session with Hayley my time management improved out of sight. Considering this was something I had struggled with since high school my new found skill allowed me to be better organised and prepared for the day ahead, bringing with it an improved working efficiency and a new found confidence.

Natalie Byrnes, Sydney, Australia

Hayley Carr is my go to girl. Whether I need to talk through a relationship dilemma, make a potentially life changing decision or just want to talk through a business idea. I know I can always rely on Hayley to help me talk through the issue, gain new perspective, understanding and map a plan of action forward. I should probably give you a heads up though.. if you choose to work with Hayley, you better be prepared to do what it takes to achieve your goals. Hayley is a pro bullshit detector and has called me out on my bullshit loads of times. That’s the whole purpose of a coach though, right? Someone who is going to keep you accountable and hold you to a higher standard.

Hayley’s enthusiasm for life is infectious – she is one of the most inspiring, charismatic and funniest people I know.
Whenever Hayley is around you can guarantee laughter, epiphanies and delicious conversation.

Laura Forbes, Sydney, Australia

She doesn’t shy away from a smackdown when you need it, but she delivers it with love, presence and unconditional support.

Vanessa Millar, Perth Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can I expect results?

While I can’t predict how fast you will engage in the insights we uncover in our session and take action (which is what will lead to many results), you will see a new perspective, and some deep change right away. If what you are working on will require some time to see results, you can expect the results as fast as you can take action.

Can I do the session in person?

If you happen to be around the same city and country as me, you are most welcome to do the session in person. However, I have found the results are the same, online or not.

How do the Skype sessions take place?

Once you sign up for The Power of One (Open Session), you will be sent an email with all the details you need to connect on Skype, including a booking schedule where you can slot in your session, and find out what to do to prepare.

Do you offer a refund?

Here’s my freedom-fuelled guarantee:

I will show up to our session with 100% integrity, honesty, presence and perspective. I will deliver the best of what I have to give, tailored to exactly what you need. I am dedicated to your success, and, being the type of coach I am, I am willing to lead you to lasting change, and say what many others do not dare say to their clients, for fear of losing them, or not being liked.

Your responsibility is to show up with an open mind, and a curious heart. Ready for whatever is about to come, and with all intention to implement immediately, knowing that sometimes, results take time.

Due to the nature of coaching, I cannot make guarantees on your success, because I am not you. I am not the one who will go away and take action with what you now know. However, I do know that the work I do can make huge change when applied.

If however, at the end of our session I know what we did will not help you, I will offer you a full refund. When I first get to know you and what you’re looking for, I will also gladly refer you to someone else if I don’t think I can help you. Aside from this integrity-loaded guarantee, no. I do not offer refunds for this kind of work.

When can we start?

As soon as you sign up, you will be sent an email with all the details of how to book in your appointment with me. It could be as soon as tomorrow, but it’s usually within 1 week.

More questions?

Hit me up right here.

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