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I believe it is the women who are free, who will lead the modern world to a state of grace.

These women know, they are not their stories. It empowers them to be fearless, and not afraid of failure – for their worth is not attached to their achievement.

These women live in a conscious state of flow – for they trust in the magic of the unfolding process of every creative endeavour.

These women design a life of their own choosing. They know their truth is the potion for power, and it empowers them to lead from an authentic and sustainable space.  

These women accept themselves unconditionally – for they know it is the only way we can move forward and be visible, passionate, and effective in our roles.

These women have the time, the energy, and the emotional bandwidth to take the greatest care of themselves, the ones they love, and their communities. For they have experienced the collaborative power of sisterhood, self-leadership, and calling in support.  

These women are fierce. Their presence is a superpower.

My Story:

Back in the 2003, at 17 years old, I won my first double world Karate title, and graded to my black belt. I was in my final year of schooling.

It was at this point I was first placed in the spotlight as a leader of sorts, and I found that I both loved and loathed the pressure. I felt that if I was to go for what I wanted, there was only one way about it – to push hard and fit into a mould.

I won nine Karate world titles in total during my time as a martial artist. I also burned-out and ended up with a chronic illness and in bed for almost 3 years, healed my body, and then left my athletic, busy life behind to travel solo – running my business and teaching all around the world. Eventually, I got to know myself and my truth – and redesigned my life accordingly.

This experience taught me to lay down my own rules about what I could and could not do. It taught me to become deeply connected to my intuition, and to become trusting, and accepting of myself. It also taught me I didn’t need to pack my bags and go, to get where I wanted to be. It was so much simpler. This knowledge has made me feel more powerful than ever. I want this for every woman.

Each and every day, I am floored by the magnificence of the women in front of me, that they often do not see. These radiant, smart, beautiful, boundless, radiant and willing participants in the game of life who feel stuck, unheard, tired, and often lonely in their busy lives.

I do not believe a leader to be someone who stands at the front or at the top. To me, leadership is about ownership. It’s about knowing who you are, trusting in that completely, and backing yourself fully. It’s about living in your truth and by doing so, giving others permission to do the same.

I do not believe we can make the difference we want to make if we first don’t start with ourselves. You will have a positive ripple effect on everyone around you when you make choices in alignment with the woman you want to be. When you heal your life, you have the time, space and energy to be and do more.

I do not believe you have to give up your soul to get what you want. I believe you have to bring all of yourself to the table. This is when life gets exciting, interesting, and becomes sustainable. This is when you can lead with integrity, purpose, and passion.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” – Albert Camus

As Seen In

I have led many interesting lives so far.

9-times World Karate Champion

Interior Architect & Designer

Film, Theatre & TV actress

Chronic fatigue sufferer who healed herself

Health Coach

Gypsy-adventurer solo world traveller

Life Coach, Leadership Coach & Inspirational Speaker

Each journey holds a delicate lesson that has shaped what I do with my life today. And of course, none of them are me at all. They are just stories. Identities I adorned myself with, to give my life meaning and structure, and love.

We all do that. What stories are you holding? What can you learn from them, so you can let go?


From being a world karate champion 9 times over...

anything is possible. Even when you’re against all the odds. Go for what you want, with everything you’ve got. Because you’ve always got 70% more than what you think you have. Even if you’re not a man with big muscles, because it’s rarely about size or strength.

From being a speaker of sorts all my life, professionally for 8…

your presence is your power. More than what you have to say. More than being the smartest or the best looking or the oldest or the one with all the followers. People want to be seen and heard and understood.

From graduating with a 5-year Interior Architecture degree, landing the dream job, and leaving it in the middle of a recession...

if it’s not a hell Yes, it’s a No. I built up a career rearranging the structure of entire buildings to make them stronger and more beautiful. When I left, I didn’t need to know the next step. I just knew it was time, and the when I took the first step, the next one showed up. Run towards your fears. They are indicators of freedom.

From being bedridden from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for almost 3 years...

you can heal yourself and change your life whenever you choose. I was told by doctors my body would never heal. But I did, completely. Sometimes, the only way out is through. So darling, don’t let anyone dictate the prognosis of your life. Every illness is a message that holds a lesson. Pay attention.

From travelling for 8 months around the world by accident, on intuition...

the moment you surrender, you stop swimming against the current. Life begins to flow in the most delicious ways. And by the way, it’s possible to run a business from your laptop (12 countries and counting). Start before you’re ready. Pack light and get going.

From my existential meltdown before I was 30...

revel in the unknown. What’s meant to be will not pass you by, so be here. With this. You’ll always find what you’re looking for, because your thoughts are your prayers. All we ever have is here and now, in this moment. Cherish your days, with love, not fear.

I work with women who are ready to unleash themselves, and experience the richness of life in a new way. To live, love, and lead with integrity, personality, and passion. Who are ready to take a few risks, and to show up a little bigger, in order to create extraordinary, lifelong results.

You are an intelligent, adventurous bearcat with a sense of humour and a desire to connect and go deeper with your success, your life, your love, and your leadership.

I know you know there’s more to life, to this experience, but you’ve been looking for how to get there without sacrificing what you’ve worked hard to create so far.

If you’re ready to have the most thrilling experience of life you can conjure up, while taking everything to the next level AND having a richer and more fulfilling time doing it, I can help you.

  • Live, and start performing at your peak
  • Enjoy the feeling of being alive and in your power
  • Get Crystal clear on your purpose and your desires.
  • Be huge with your ask, and get what you want
  • Be unapologetic about your dreams
  • Achieve your next impossible goal
  • Cut through the blocks stopping you from owning your power
  • Connect to a state of centred happiness that bypasses circumstances
  • Get the necessary lessons life is delivering to you, so you can move powerfully forward again, and again, and again.
  • Learn how to get out of your own way, whenever you choose enter a new comfort zone.
  • Live from a place of fearlessness, spirited freedom, and love. (Translation: Total Joy)

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