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Play Bigger, Feel Better.


I'm positively pumped to host you at our beautiful Daylesford abode, this coming October, for a weekend of tea, views, and exponential breakthroughs, over three days, with an intimate group of other big-picture, big-leap, superpower flow freaks who love to learn (like you and I!)


Here are the finer details.

These will also be emailed to you at the address you sacrificed to the wolves... (I mean provided) when you said yes.

Before we go any further, I want to make sure you understand what you're about to get yourself into - and I want to offer you up a nice little opportunity. 

Part of the reason why I host my events in obscure places and beautiful houses, is so you're forced to take some time out for you, and to come somewhere you kinda have to stay- not go home to the usual demands of life - for the entire weekend. 

We're going to be hanging out in a beautiful location doing our coaching, and then you're going to go home to wherever you've decided to stay for the weekend, so you have private time and space to do whatever you like. 

Time and space to process is almost more important than the work itself. 

The reason we're not all staying in the house together, is because I want you to take whatever time you need, for you, during the weekend.  Staying in a house with so many others can mean very late nights and not a lot of space to process some of the deep shifting we're going to be taking part of. 

You can choose to do what you want with your evenings when you've consciously chosen your environment. (See? The work is already starting!) 

Now, this isn't always possible, and that's OK - it's better you come than you don't - but I want you to know this right now, so you can plan for it when you're booking your flights and accomodation. 

So I have an extra bonus special invitation for you, to help you assimilate what you learn. Here's what I know for sure: 

After every single event, people leave saying "I feel like I'm on something". They feel spacey, blissed-out, and in the afterglow of the event, just want to stay in the energy as long as possible. 

So, this time, we thought it might be fun to invite you to stay in town an extra night, and meet up for brunch the following day (Monday 14th), so you can take an extra day to assimilate what you've learned, and catch up with your new mates the next day.

It's completely optional, because I know you're already working hard just to get there, but, I wouldn't be recommending it if I didn't know how important assimilation is to people like us. We need the space to let the lessons sink in. 

Think of it like the Play Bigger version of Shavasana after yoga!

So, if you're in, all you need to do is keep it in mind so you're not taking off straight after the event. Book that extra night - you'll thank me later! Righto… onto the official stuff…


DATE & time:

Friday, Saturday & Sunday the 11th,12th & 13th October, 2019.

10 am to 5 pm each day.

Please feel free to arrive from 9:30 am to settle in, have some tea, and take in the view before we start at 10 am on the dot. (Lunch will be around 1 pm)



Poets Lodge

62 Raglan Street

Dayelsford, VIC, 3460



Countless cups of tea, a killer view, blankets, and healthy snacks for both days - alongside what you're really there for - the coaching.
Catered lunch - think delicious, healthy, nourishing foods. Vegetarian and vegan options included

Not Included:

Accommodation, Breakfast Lunch & Dinner, rides to and from the venue, etc. (Translation: You get to go on a solo weekend away, explore in the mornings and evenings, do what you want in the breaks, and eat what you want!)



The essentials, non?

Bring with you: Your favourite notebook and pen (I always advise something that feels sexy to write on - you're going to be re-visiting this many times to come!), a water bottle if that's your thing, and layers to wear. It will be spring here in Australia, and although we don't have too harsh a winter, we certainly are in denial it ever gets cold - which means, it can be sunny outside, and the walls are thin inside.

Most people also like to bring their lunch, so we can sit together and eat on the balcony, with the view, with plenty of time to relax and take it in.

As for how to prepare: How can you prepare for a perspective change?

Simple. Set an intention for what you want to create. Set an intention for how you want to show up. Set an intention for what you're going to do when you're uncomfortable. Set an intention for how you'll "bring yourself back" if you leave the moment. Most of all, set an intention to be open. We're working in the moment. There's nothing else you need to do to "prepare".

Allow yourself a little time after the workshop to integrate what you've learned. Don't plan on rushing home the next day, straight back into it all. Stay somewhere, or with someone, who you know you'll have space with. Time and space for integrating, journalling, taking it in, deciding, planning. (If you can, stay for an extra day at your accommodation!)

If you have any questions, concerns, or funny jokes you want to share, you can contact hola@hayleycarr.tv, and we can take of that.


See you soon!

Remember, the life you crave is so much closer than you think. 


Hayley x x

Hayley Carr