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Roundabout, or Foggy...One is actually AMAZING. Which one are you?

Foggy…The puzzle pieces are all there, but they have slowly taken shape over time, and some pieces don't make sense yet because there's stuff to learn - the goal is so big it will force you to become someone new to attain it.

First place mindset people - winners - have foggy dreams that become more comprehensive, compelling and impossibly beautiful as time goes on.

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Dr Ezzie Spencer - on levels of mastery, commitment to growth, and achieving from YIN.

You may remember about a year ago, I introduced you to a very special woman in my life. How beautiful, and special, that today, on International Womens Day, I get to reintroduce you to her, to go deeper on what we spoke about, after her beautiful book, Lunar Abundance, has been in the world for a year now.

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I started a business the same year I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. How I made it work.

So yeah, I started a business the same year I was diagnosed with a supposedly incurable illness that left me bedridden. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) Do you think I'm crazy? Here's why I'm totally sane, and how I made it work.

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