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What to do when you want to shrink...

..So own ALL of you, and go bigger. Lean in. Stay there. If you feel like you're too much, own it. If you feel like you're too "out-there", own it. If you think there's something you need to hide in your strategy, share it. If you think "nobody is going to accept me", accept yourself, and go bigger. Let people see you as you are, in all your glory - the way you love to be - especially when nobody is watching.

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Self-conscious and still here.

You don't require an absence of fear to show up and do the thing, you require an absence of belief in that fear.

Maybe that fear is a great sign you're right where you need to be - and more on track than you'll ever know. Maybe, if you give it a whirl for a moment, you'll meet yourself in a new light. You'll get to experience yourself as a triumph over what you previously perceived as reality; your fear.

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I joined a biker gang!

Often, fully living requires awkwardness, messing up, failing, being uncomfortable, scared, vulnerable, learning to use your hands in a different way or your voice in a different way, frightened of possible death and….. The only time when the fear is real, is when you let the feeling stop you from living fully. 

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Dr Ezzie Spencer - on levels of mastery, commitment to growth, and achieving from YIN.

You may remember about a year ago, I introduced you to a very special woman in my life. How beautiful, and special, that today, on International Womens Day, I get to reintroduce you to her, to go deeper on what we spoke about, after her beautiful book, Lunar Abundance, has been in the world for a year now.

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How I met my man. (A universal law to attract anything you want...)

This is a testimonial to life. Life taught me to follow my gut many years ago. When I look back, this is precisely how I met my man, got into flow, and started living my dream. Here's to universal laws, they're true blue!

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I started a business the same year I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. How I made it work.

So yeah, I started a business the same year I was diagnosed with a supposedly incurable illness that left me bedridden. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) Do you think I'm crazy? Here's why I'm totally sane, and how I made it work.

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