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Sex and Your Authentic Leadership: 10 things I’ve kept secret from you.

When she said "this is literally the last place anyone wants to look when it comes to their growth, and they'll avoid it their whole lives because it's so taboo - and yet, it's the one thing that makes the biggest difference." 

At that moment, I knew it was my responsibility to go there too. No matter what else that meant for my life.

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Dr Ezzie Spencer - on levels of mastery, commitment to growth, and achieving from YIN.

You may remember about a year ago, I introduced you to a very special woman in my life. How beautiful, and special, that today, on International Womens Day, I get to reintroduce you to her, to go deeper on what we spoke about, after her beautiful book, Lunar Abundance, has been in the world for a year now.

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