When can I expect to see results?

We don't rush, we flow. There's a difference.

I am here to help you slow down, to the point where you are so mindful and present you actually choose the biggest actions you can take, and you take them in the tiniest steps you've ever taken.

This is not a program where you sweat your boobs off until the finish line, only to binge as a "reward" and find yourself back in the feast and famine of creating.

We're here to make a real difference, indefinitely - that takes as long as it takes. Through the time frame here, we are setting an intention of nine months. But due to the fact that everyone in the Salon is different, and at different stages of different adventures, it's going to be unique to you, and how much you put in.

Some Salon members see shifts immediately, just from the energy of saying yes and handing over a commitment and a sum of money they have never done before. For others, they might sit and experience everything through the Salon, and right at the end, get into gear.

It depends where you're starting from.

One thing is for certain though, you will be learning exactly what YOU need to do, that is unique for YOU - right in this moment - and that's not always kick into action mode. For some, it's learning how to rest and take a break, so you can actually move forward from a full cup.

Like I said, I'm not here to please or impress you, but to be with you where you're at, and tell you the truth.