What is The Salon Accelerator Course?

THE SALON ACCELERATOR COURSE is a bonus opportunity to work with me in the lead-up to the Salon beginning.

Everyone who joins the Salon prior to the official start date will be added to my accelerator course - which is coaching with me every week (in the same way the Salon will run) until the official Salon begins.

What this means is, the earlier you join, the more coaching and coaching TIME you will receive with me, for free.  This bonus is worth thousands of dollars.

If you are the first person to sign up, you will be the only person on the bonus call with me until the second and third people join, and so on. Whiccih means, more time with my eyes on you, and more insight and accomplishment before we even  officially start.

It's a fantastic reward for taking action, instead of sitting on the fence until the last minute.

Remember, there are only seven seats in the Salon.