What is the curriculum?

Transforming your focus to fierce confidence.

MY specialty as a coach, is to be with you where you're at. While the focus during our time together is guided by the pillars mentioned earlier, having a curriculum defeats the purpose of working with you, individually, with exactly what you're working on creating right now.

This is about transformation, not information.

When I designed this offering, I designed it for people who want to grow, but who are not interested in being given a series of videos and PDF's to fill in. You and I are the people who don't complete things like that. You're looking for deep, experiential paradigm shifts, and then, to get on with it.

During the Fierce Salon, you'll have plenty of opportunity to have transformational, laser coaching from me, as well as learn from the real time experience of what your peers are working on. There is no higher form of leverage than being surrounded by others who are on the same path as you, and learning from them, as well as receiving real time feedback, and big picture ideas on what you're also working on, or, struggling with at the time.

This is a space where you can literally come in and say, "This is what I'm doing, I've started, the person I proposed my idea to said this, what do I do next?" and you will be coached - Not given a system to follow to take immediate steps and move your needle forward.